Miss Natasha Enquist at Chantal’s House of Shame!

I went to see my friend Miss Natasha Enquist perform at a legendary Berlin gay boy dance party. Chantal’s House of Shame happens every Thursday, without fail since 1999. It is at the Bassy Club, which is usually a swing/rockabilly kinda place but is taken over by filthy techno and sweaty naked men for Chantal’s. […]

Work in progress: Painting Shakrah, while being photographed by Mirella Frangella!

Shakrah and I had our second sitting for the new portrait the day before I was in a bus crash. It was very lucky timing, as we had also scheduled with amazing portrait photographer Mirella Frangella. Mirella is a career photographer whose personal work focuses on intimate character studies. My friend Miss Natasha Enquist met […]

Berlin summer days on the KuDamm.

This is Roxy the DJ, she was so nice! I went to an event called Berlin Classic Days, a car show/street fair that happens in our neighborhood. Here’s a dancer who was working with the street art crew. The folks from Murales Berlin art collective had some of their graffiti/calligraphy/art-transformed cars on display. My friend Miss […]

A Tom Petty Tribute in Berlin.

My friends organized a tribute to Tom Petty and performed his songs by the river Spree! Hosted by Liliana Velasquez and masterminded by Wasp Summer aka Samantha Wareing, Rah Hell, and Miss Natasha Enquist, it was an amazing night of music. You can see them left to right above, bracketed by Baron Anastis and Joe Sparkle. Here’s Liliana, sharing […]

Boys of Berlin

Finally finished this drawing of dancers and smoochers! These lovely boys were crowding the dance floor at Chantal’s House of Shame. It took me a long time to finish this one because at Bassy Club I always sit on a stool in the raised loge area and it makes my perspective of the dance floor […]

Drawings of friends

I’m finishing up a lot of orphaned drawings. This one, of Miss Natasha Enquist at our Ladies Halloween Art Salon, is perhaps the best likeness I’ve made of her. More from this series here and here! Here’s LaLaVox, co-producer of Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin, bringing some serious bustle action. More from this event, the Victorian Spiritualist […]

Last assless chaps of the year!

Miss Natasha Enquist was performing at the DILF/Testosterone party at Club Gretchen last night. I arrived at the club, which is a beautiful venue in old military stables, to find it full of great-looking classic leather daddies in Tom of FInland gear. I was a little nervous at first with so many NYC policemen uniforms- […]

Happy, happy holidays from your artist friend in Berlin!

Here is Miss Natasha Enquist resting peacefully in the cozy corner at Ludwig. This was the last pose of our Women’s Art Lounge, and we all loved it so much we asked her to hold it for an extra twenty minutes. You can see three other woman artists interpreting it in the first post about […]

Women’s Art Lounge at Ludwig, with a Wonder-Elf!

This past Sunday I organized the first Women’s Art Lounge at Ludwig Berlin. Here are artists Suzanne Wegh and Alexandra Ru sketching our holiday elf, who is reading a very long naughty list! Other art friends present included Giulia Caruso, The Artist Minotaur. I engaged my favorite life model, Miss Natasha Enquist, and our lovely […]

Pastel and mixed media experiments on Canson Mi-Teintes, with cats!

I finally finished up these drawings of Miss Natasha Enquist from our Halloween Women’s Art Salon. I was scared to work on big drawings with pastels, so I worked on them to procrastinate when I was even more scared of finishing the pastel portrait of Iris! They’re much too big for my scanner, so I […]