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Live-drawing Hungry’s first ever live twitch stream!

Hungry first twitchstream by Suzanne Forbes March 6 2021I am of course a huge fan of Berlin superstar Hungry.

I have drawn her from life, at Bushwig Berlin in 2019, and from her Insta Live.

So when she teased to her Patreon Patrons (I’ve been a Patron from the first day!) that she was gonna do a twitch stream for the first time, I had to draw it.

It is absolutely fascinating to watch Hungry do a face.

Hungry first twitchstream by Suzanne Forbes March 6 2021 detailThe way she uses organic forms and color to transform the planes and features of her beautiful, symmetrical face is mesmerizing.

I love the way she moves her eyes visually, with effects like this white eye-liner false waterline and lashes. She lays on areas of color or shadow and they become something totally unexpected!

Since twitch streams stay up for two weeks, you can watch the magic yourself- I highly recommend the experience!

However, I struggled with her likeness this time. I did an initial take on the structure of her face and felt I’d gotten it wrong. Of course, as I was drawing, Hungry’s features moved in and out of prominence, eyebrows glued down, lips being covered with foundation, and so on, but that wasn’t a problem last time.

This is the rough I discarded; looking at it now I think it was better than the structure from my second try!Hungry first twitchstream rough draft by Suzanne Forbes March 6 2021

But that’s portraiture; you do it and do it to get better, and you draw the same people over and over to learn how to draw them, and that’s the process.

As Sargent said, “A portrait is a picture with a little something wrong with the mouth.”

I was able to spend two hours on the twitch stream drawing and documenting this unique Queer Berlin artist because of my Patreon Patrons. Thank you, so much!

The last, for now, House of Presents show at Monster Ronsons.

Pansy at Halloween House of Presents show at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Forbes Feb 25 2021Halloween 2020 seems like seconds ago, or years.

It seems impossible that Berlin nightclubs were ever open again. But for a short time last Fall, clubs were open, observing careful Covid protocols.

Beloved queer clubhouse Monster Ronsons changed its entire setup, creating a cabaret dinner theater with table service from the bar.

Pansy of Pansy’s House of Presents (in full Jessica Rabbit style at top) and Gieza of Gieza’s Poke House redesigned their stage shows, instructing the audience to clap instead of scream and politely nod to strangers instead of fingering them.

I feel like these drawings were some of the best I did from a livestream last year, because I was drawing performers I’d seen and drawn in real life, and they were performing in a space I know well, to a real audience.

I so much appreciate Pansy, Gieza and Nana making these shows accessible to folx at home by streaming them!

Lola Rose at Halloween House of Presents show at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Forbes March 6 2021For the two nights of double-header Halloween shows, the family of House of Presents created spectacular acts.

Lola Rose hit the stage to deconstruct a racist American caricature, Aunt Jemima- with a knife!

Naya at Halloween House of Presents show at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Forbes Feb 25 2021Naya The Cisgenera had a powerful reading and a very sexy look.

Follow Naya on Instagram for humor, decolonization teaching and trans awareness.

Lolita Va Voom at Halloween House of Presents show at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Forbes Feb 25 2021

Gieza decorated the stage with a monster theme, using old wigs!

Lolita Va Voom, above, shook it gorgeously. Always a joy to draw Lolita.

Lolita’s ongoing show with Nana Schewitz called Jews! Jews! Jews! is a treasure of Berlin.

Nana Schewitz is seen below, performing an interactive and hilarious act.

Nana Schewitz at Halloween House of Presents show at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Forbes Feb 26 2021

Jews! Jews! Jews! has an online Virtual Queer Seder on March 28.

As always, I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s drag and burlesque performers while I work safely at home.