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BEDx at Lovelite!

Cameryn Moore at BEDx by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019Wow, what lovely cozy queer community there is in Berlin!

I was a presenter at Cameryn Moore‘s BEDx, a mini-conference for sex-geeking. My hub and I taxied across town (first taxi of the year! luxury!) to the gorgeous, welcoming venue, Lovelite. I had an absolutely wonderful time and so did my hub, who said it was like SF in the old days. It really was like the events he and I used to go to together at places like Femina Potens and the Center for Sex and Culture. Everyone relaxed and friendly and supportive, and so kind.

I talked about my work doing documentary drawing at events like play parties and dungeons. It was my first time doing a presentation with slides, but Cameryn set it all up for me and there was a lovely AV person named Yasmin who worked with me running them, and I think the slides were very appropriately filthy 🙂 That’s Cameryn in the top drawing.

Erin Bell at BEDx by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019Erin Bell talked about (and briefly demonstrated!) the practice of “Thinking Off.”

I was very interested because I am reading a book called “The Body Keeps the Score” and am learning that breathwork has healing potential for trauma survivors. Erin is a delightful personality and knows so much about somatics and sex-positive bodywork!Jane Flett at BEDx by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019

And Jane Flett read her amazing poetry!

Wow, she is a terrific writer. I was knocked out by the power of her words. So vivid and fierce, in the warm red-lit room. Really Lovelite is an amazing venue for queer performance.

Altogether a lovely evening out for us and thanks so much to Cameryn for including me! You can check out Cameryn’s other events like the incredibly popular Smut Slam on her Facebook I believe, follow her on twitter and support her on Patreon!

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Seen around town: waltzing boyfriends and a Hoplite warrior!

Waltzing boyfriends Jan 24 2019 by Suzanne ForbesThese two lovebirds were waltzing and smooching as they waited for their train at Hermannplatz.

The funny thing was, I got on the same car as them, and once they were sitting down, the taller guy produced a Dan Brown thriller and began reading it with complete concentration, oblivious to his partner. As Book Time is taken very seriously in our house, I completely respected his boundary-setting around reading.

Cosplay guardian Jan 25 2019 by Suzanne ForbesThis Hoplite was guarding the door at the Erinyes benefit gig I went to recently.

I drew him because it was not what you expected for the security detail at a Polish children’s healthcare benefit. And also it was pretty funny that I was sitting with my Greek friend Anastis drawing the Greek soldier at the Polish children’s healthcare benefit.

However, I only know the armor style is called Hoplite because just a couple days later my husband told me we needed to get a reproduction Hoplite helmet for the library. Because of his studies on Ancient Greece. I said sure, no problem. My first husband built a Tesla coil for our living room and my second husband kept leeches for pets and made daguerreotypes with radioactive rocks, so a Hoplite helmet seems fairly reasonable, really.

edited to add these dancing girls who were whirling around in front of the stage before The Erinyes went on!Dancing girls by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019