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Crip The Vote!!

Crip The Vote art by Micah Bazant with disabled Marvel and DC superheroes by Suzanne ForbesFeat. art by Micah Bazant and canonically disabled and queer Marvel and DC superheroes!

I love this beautiful “Crip the Vote” image created by Micah Bazant, who describes it as follows:

Art created w wonderful disability rights organizer @disability_visibility who started the #CripTheVote hashtag in 2016 with @apulrang & Gregg Beratan. Ty @culturestrike & @iwillharness for support!

Image description: Illustration with large red text: “Crip the Vote” above two disabled queer people of color surrounded by flowers. One person is Black, uses a wheelchair and a ventilator, and has a drink with a plastic straw on her tray. A butterfly is resting on her wrist. The other person is Chinese American, fat and uses a cane. They are both smiling and radiating love.”

Crip the Vote art by Micah Bazant October 2020

Learn more at (link in @ndrnadvocate bio) & make a voting plan at

Crip The Vote art by Micah Bazant with disabled Marvel and DC superheroes by Suzanne ForbesThe art is used with consent!

Check Micah Bazant out here on Insta and here on their own site.

Crip The Vote art by Micah Bazant with wedding topper by Suzanne ForbesI wanted to hold up a sign myself!

I don’t have any 1/12 figures of myself, but I do have this wedding cake topper I customized with Apoxie-sculpt and paint and textiles when my hub and I were married in November 2014. I identify as #queercrip, which means I am sexually and romantically moved by all genders and am disabled. My husband doesn’t identify in any particular way, however he has a replacement hip so he qualifies as a cyborg!

We voted by mail as we live in Berlin.

Classic Halloween thrills and chills with Odelia Opium’s Corona Cabaret!

Roman Ackley for Odelia Opium Corona Cabaret by Suzanne Forbes Oct 29 2020From Odelia Opium’s “Velvet Vampires” show, the ridiculously sexy Roman Ackley doing BOB FOSSE DRACULA!!

I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it. You absolutely never know what you’ll see on a streaming show, and there are wonderful surprises. This performance utterly lifted my heart, and I hope the drawing conveys some of that feeling. Check out Mr. Ackley on Insta here and on his own site here. He does fire, circus and cabaret!

Demi Noire for Odelia Opium Corona Cabaret Suzanne Forbes Oct 28 2020Beautiful, sparkling Demi Noire gave us Devil Woman.

Always a joy to see Demi Noire, a very busy burlesque performer based in the UK. Her insta is here, and her upcoming concept at the Bridge Theater, Black Burlesque Revue (December 2020) here.

Domino Barbeau for Odelia Opium Corona Cabaret by Suzanne Forbes Oct 28 2020Domino Barbeau is also UK-based, and omg she’s awesome!

She did slinky moves, then put on her 3D glasses and ate popcorn. Her Vampira look is UNCANNY. Domino Barbeau on Insta here, her site here, and her Barbeau’s Bat Cave here.

Smashlyn Monroe for Corona Cabaret by Suzanne Forbes Jan 24 2022Updated Jan 2022 with the fabulous Smashlyn Monroe!

Who gave a thrillling performance that skewered our expectations! Check them out on Insta here, other links here!

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patronswhose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting an international population of drag and burlesque performers while I work safely at home.