Drawing dear friends on the plaza.

M and A on the plaza by Suzanne Forbes Sept 27 2021Our friends Meredith and Andrea came to the West to see us!

Hub and I geared up in our masks and face shields, and enjoyed the company of two longtime friends. Although we knew them before we moved here – my husband has known Meredith for many years – M & A are huge part of our life in Berlin.

So many New Year’s days here have begun with them tumbling in at 4am, hungry and exhausted, Andrea yelling, “I claim this sofa in the name of Sappho!” and instantly passing out, while Meredith hit the balcony for Club Mate.

They came to see us earlier this year, for a park visit and mini wake. The security community has a very high fatality rate; I think four people they and my husband knew had died that month. I am so grateful for the resilience and stubborn strength of these two.

And for M’s longtime support and Patronage, which helps me be able to make art, as a disabled and vulnerable (but fully vaxxed!) person.

You can help me tell the stories of Berlin, too!

Drawing lying down, with our sweet cat Cody!

Cody bed sketch Sept 25 2021 by Suzanne Forbes 2Lately I’ve been keeping a small sketchbook in our bed, to draw our cat Cody’s wild poses!

She loves to sleep ON me, sprawled out like the town drunk, totally relaxed.

Cody bed sketch Sept 25 2021 by Suzanne Forbes 2I was trying to have a rest day, and then she lay on my face!

She likes to be supported by one of my hands.

Cody bed sketch Sept 25 2021 by Suzanne Forbes Like me, Cody doesn’t balance very well, and needs to rest A LOT.

I made these drawings lying down because of terrible vertigo and fatigue from POTS, so they are not very good, but they capture some of Cody’s loving nature anyway, I think.

Cody came to us through a kind of back channel rescue team, from a town outside Berlin.

Cody sketch Sept 25 2021 Suzanne Forbes 2Cody had been feral for some unknown amount of time.

She was discovered by Erika among the “Free Cats”.  Erika and her husband, both 80, feed the Free Cats at the Futterstelle every single day.

Cody face sketch Sept 25 2021 Suzanne ForbesCody was injured by some forest villain.

Erika saw her hobbling towards the food stand, and said that’s it, we’re taking her home, even though we already have six cats (in German of course). Cody liked living inside very much! She didn’t want to go back outside at all! She just wanted to sleep in the bed and cuddle!

Cody resting sketch Sept 25 2021 Suzanne ForbesA cat so loving needed a family all her own.

So Erika and Andrea found her a forever home (FÜRIMMERZUHAUSE), with us!