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Live Remote Drawing professional life model Anna Catherine Muse with artists worldwide!

Anna Catherine remote drawn reclining pose by Suzanne Forbes March 29 2020Things are iterating fast!

I was invited to join a remote life drawing session with beautiful artist and artists’ model Anna Catherine, known as Anna Catherine Muse.

When I joined the Zoom meeting (ten days ago I had never heard of Zoom) my brilliant colleague from Berlin’s life drawing scene Samantha Stover was already there.

Anna Catherine remote drawn 3 minute pose by Suzanne Forbes MArch 29 2020Samantha moved back to New York a few months ago, so this was the first time we’d drawn together since last year!

Anna Catherine is in New York as well; artists in the meeting were streaming in from all over the world, from Switzerland to Cape Town to New Mexico.

Anna Catherine remote drawn 3 minutes pose by Suzanne Forbes March 29 2020I did a few one and three minute poses, and the two five minute poses at the top.

Anna Catherine remote drawn 1 min pose by Suzanne Forbes March 29 2020

It was a very new feeling, drawing someone actually posing through a screen.

Anna Catherine remote drawn 1 minute pose by Suzanne Forbes March 29 2020

This is the very first one-minute gesture, below.

Anna Catherine remote drawn first 1 minute pose by Suzanne Forbes March 29 2020

Anna Catherine’s poses have a great Art Deco quality which I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to see all the drawings from the other artists!

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Bi Pride Crown with holographic PVC!

Bisexual Pride crown by Suzanne Forbes March 2020Pretty things give me strength.

I made this crown early this month, thinking I could raffle it to raise money for marginalized folx in Berlin. But it quickly became clear that things like raffles and events where some proud Bi person could wear this are things for the future, not right now.

Bisexual Pride crown by Suzanne Forbes March 2020So I added some more details.

Bisexual Pride crown by Suzanne Forbes March 2020 detailYou know I love to add more details.  The main structure of this crown is the same as the Fairy Rainbow Unicorn crown from last month.

It’s a headband with curved fans of holographic vinyl wire and glued to it, and three iridescent plastic icicles left over from my Snow Queen projects in 2013.

Like that crown, it uses a product called “Angelina Fantasy Film.” Angelina Fantasy Film is a transparent, iridescent, heat sensitive film often used to make fairy wings for dolls, as I did here for Fearless Pink Gay Santa and his Jolly Ally Reindeer.

I posted a little video of me using a lighter to shape the Angelina Film here on my Instagram.

You can see an amazing video of brilliant corsetry materials innovator Joni Steinmann of Rainbow Curve Corsetry using a heat gun to shape laminated strips of bonded Worbla TranspArt and Angelina FIlm over Apoxie Sculpt forms here. And a bunch of cool Angelina Film projects on Instagram here. Here are some incredible projects on AmStamps.

Bisexual Pride crown by Suzanne Forbes March 2020 left detailI had a small sample pack of film I got from fab eBay dollmaker and materials specialist MorezMore for the Snow Queen projects.

However, I have now used up all my Angelina Fantasy Film, and I wanted to order more, back in the first week of this month. Back when I was still thinking of mail as something I could use sparingly rather than something that should be used only when necessary to save it for those who need essential supplies.

Obviously I do not want my craft supplies to add to the tremendous burden Amazon and DHL and GLS and other carriers’ workers are carrying for us all now. But back then, I looked for a UK/European seller of Angelina Fantasy Film.

Do you know how hard it is to google “Angelina Fantasy Film”?

Bisexual Pride crown by Suzanne Forbes March 2020 rt detailI did find a couple UK sellers, but decided not to order any.

The comments in the post by Joni Steinmann yielded a hot tip, that US art supplies site ArtGlitter.com sells Fantasy Film in 10″ wide strips, much bigger than other sources. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to order some. See her gorgeous finished project here!

For now and the near future, my art supplies and my mixed media art process consist of using what I have. Using everything I have. Getting everything I’ve made documented and accessible.

I am so grateful for the support of my Patrons, whose monthly subscriptions mean I can work safely at home.