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Another international Burlesque At Home!

Burlesque at Home Evelyn Vinyl by Suzanne Forbes Oct 13 2020I adore this wide-ranging show!

Burlesque At Home is a recurring streaming burlesque show that chooses a different amazing charity to donate to each time.

And the performers come from all over! This is Nashville performer/costumer/model Evelyn Vinyl, above. Support Evelyn here or here, and shop her costume and accessories here – I love the FYPM chokers!

Burlesque at Home Xena Ziet Giest by Suzanne Forbes Oct 13 2020Xena Zeit-Geist was a vision in champagne.

Xena is based in New Orleans, and does all kinds of performance, with a deep connection to geek culture.

Burlesque at Home Tre Da Marc by Suzanne Forbes Oct 13 2020Minneapolis star Tre Da Marc showed how sexy masks can be.

Trè Da Marc, who is the Noire Pageant King of Burlesque 2020, was so gorgeous in blue!

Burlesque at Home Genie Emerald by Suzanne Forbes Oct 13 2020The exquisite Genie Emerald made her home a stage!

Genie Emerald is an elegant burlesque performer and gorgeous pinup! See her perform a sizzling number to “I’m Your Man” here!

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting an international population of drag and burlesque performers while I work safely at home.



Flower Mantis Embroidery Art!

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes September 30 2020This is a new approach for me, embroidery-wise.

I decided from the go to cover the entire surface of this piece in embroidery, rather than using the background color of the fabric as part of the composition.

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes work in progress 1For fabric I used the voluminous white muslin gown that came with my Sideshow Bride of Frankenstein doll.

I’ve been cutting it up and using it for years, it’s the only piece of white fabric in our house! (You can see the custom burlesque outfit I made for the doll to wear instead here.)

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes work in progress 2I drew the mantis and roughly sketched in the background.

I didn’t plan the colors beyond a sense that the mantis would be in oranges and pinks. I don’t usually have much of a plan for embroidery pieces; I just start and keep going.

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes work in progress 3I have some very pretty green and orange embroidery thread that was sent to me by Berlin artist Mareike Suensson.

I always appreciate the gift of art supplies! As usual I used at least two dozen colors of thread, and I was happy to make use of some random dusty and blackish greens left over from my heavily beaded and embroidered Green Woman corset, back in 2017.

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes Sept 30 2020 detailIt took about forty hours to completely cover the surface with embroidery.

Some people could do it much faster, but I like to go easy on my wrist! I stained the hoop pale green and trimmed the border with purple micro-trim. I am pleased with the result!flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes September 30 2020 border

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