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Another amazing evening of Disabilitease!

Perfect Tyler for Disabilitease by Suzanne Forbes April 11 2021This is Perfect Tyler performing for Disabilitease!

What an incredible, iconic wheelchair burlesque piece! I looooove Perfect Tyler, find and follow them here! This performance was for the November 2020 edition of Disabilitease.

Little Peaches

Little Peaches is an international performer and producer and DisabiliTease is her baby. Several years ago, a serious flare up of several of her medical conditions left her unable to dance. Being the stubborn renegade stripper that she is, Little Peaches grabbed her wheelchair and re-trained herself to dance with wheels!

About booking performers with disabilities, she says:

Performers with disabilities are often overlooked for shows because they may need a little extra help when it comes to making the show accessible for them. That may be having wheelchair or walking aid access, assistance with travel, assistance to and from the stage to aid with visual impairments, BSL interpreters or a quiet space to retreat to if they are feeling overwhelmed. These little things can be surprisingly easy to put into place but more often than not, they aren’t.

Arielle Firecracker is the other half of the Disabilitease team!

Arielle is a gorgeous tattooed bombshell who burns up the stage! Here she is photographed by Veronika Marx.

Arielle Firecracker by Veronika Marx 2020

Arielle Firecracker by Veronika Marx 2020

I’m working on more drawings from this event.

Due to my own disability, it’s going slower than usual, but I will get them up eventually 🙂

I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me work safely at home.

As usual these drawings are licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) for all to share and enjoy!

In addition, I release the copyright on each drawing to the performer shown and they may use the drawings for their own profit and pleeeasssure in any way they choose.

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film antler tentacle crystal dendrite visor!

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film antler tentacle dendrite visor by Suzanne Forbes March 30 2021Yeah, you don’t see one of these every day!

My other big winter UV resin art accessory project besides the Imbolc Crown.

Probably a hundred hours of my life went into this piece over the last two months.

slowly adding thousands of beads, crystals, cast resin jewels, microbeads, micropearls and droplets of tinted resin.

Meditative, self-soothing, meticulous and yet random work.

Making these pieces is as different from my primary art mission as it could possibly be.

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film antler tentacle dendrite visor by Suzanne Forbes March 30 2021 right sideBut the flow state is the same.

Controlling the droplets of resin as the UV light of the sun hardens them is hypnotic.

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film antler tentacle dendrite visor by Suzanne Forbes March 30 2021 detailThis piece is robustly constructed, because I made it with a performer in mind.

And I was so honored when GodX Noirphiles said they would accept it as a Patron gift and wear it for her performance in Switzerland in May! He said it would go perfectly with their costume :)))

Still from Adrian Blount Queer Birthing series video Aug 2020

Still image from Adrian Blount’s Queer Birthing series video Aug 2020

I have been incredibly inspired by the faces and stories and performances GodX (pronouns he/she/they) has/have been posting since they started a Patreon.  I get so much energy from this young artist’s creative work, and while the money I can give is limited, I can also give my creative labor.

Still from Adrian Blount Octavia E Butler Black History video feb 2021

Still from Adrian Blount’s Octavia E Butler episode for Black History Month Feb 2021

I simply cannot wait to see how this visor looks with Godx’s Switzerland costume and performance look.

You can help support this new parent, House of Living Colors mama, and powerful creative! Linktree here, Insta here!

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film antler holographic visor by Suzanne Forbes March 30 2021Now, more visor pictures!

In the sun, this acid mermaid visor comes to life, a dendritic viral psychedelic whirlpool of opalescent glory!

UV resin art jewelled visor by Suzanne Forbes March 30 2021

And since pictures really don’t do it, here’s video!