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Fan art of Dornika for their new video, “Nobody”!

Crude zine-style drawing of Dornika, a plus size femme-ish person with huge spiked hair, clawing at the air.Queer Berlin legend Dornika is an amazing musician.

Their song “Nobody” has a new video, so I made this drawing inspired by it!

This summer was terrible for me, as I got sick again after a period of remission, and watching videos of the crowd chant along with Dornika “Nobody Fucking Owns My Body!” at clubs and festivals was a great comfort. The video for the song is absolutely awesome. Please check it out here – it’s age restricted ūüėČ so you know it’s good!

The video premiere party for Nobody last week had so many cool parts, including tattooing by Queer Berlin mainstay Bard Tattoo, and I would have loved to be there and get one. I was too sick, but I hope so hard to be able to catch a Dornika show in the spring.

Today is Dornika’s birthday, and her next project has a very modest crowdfunding goal up, for BUSH!! Contribute to Dornika’s next video, “Bush”, here.

Previous drawings of Dornika, doing drag as Persian Daddy, and at Adenauerplatz.

Dornika’s film Dream Dwellers! It premiered at Schwules Museum in November. You can watch Dream Dwellers for free on the queer anti-capitalist platform Realitytvwow, right here!

Dornika online:

Manyfacedgodx performing insta

Own Your Voice music teaching insta

Dornika on Soundcloud

Fatbulous on bandcamp with lyrics!

Fatbulous on Spotify

Fatbulous on Youtube music

SantaRob, a Christmas zoom portrait session with our good friend Rob!

SantaRob December 24 2021 by Suzanne ForbesScientist by profession, singer and Berlin music maven by praxis, our friend Robert did Santa Walks this year!

He grew out his beard and went to multiple neighborhoods on missions of kindness and friendship, including feeding a friend’s cats. So lovely!

Since I live on the far side of town and I was skittish about going outdoors, Rob and I set up a zoom session for Santa vibes and chat. It was so nice. He said the angle of the camera is called a “Dutch Angle”!

You can see more drawings of Rob, who is our good friend and also my longtime Patron, here (his fabulous birthday show at Monster Ronsons) and here! His insta with mixed media fun is here.

I am so grateful to Robert and all my other Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.