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More remote drawing, from Berlin performer livestreams!

self portrait during quarantine livestream by Suzanne Forbes March 26 2020

I was excited to draw the folx of Berlin’s legendary immersive hedonsim party, Bad Bruises!

First, there was some waiting. We are most of us new to Twitch, to streaming, to a lot of the tech involved. I made this drawing of me sitting and waiting for the stream to start, for the chat to load, for the connection to reset… My mom-in-law coined the term remote drawings for these, and it sometimes feels very remote. But sometimes very close.

And then suddenly, NANA SCHEWITZ!!!

Nana Schewitz livestreams for Bad Bruises remote drawn by Suzanne Forbes March 26 2020With the never-more-topical message, “Don’t fuck your Nana!”

I actually have no idea why that’s Nana’s tagline, but it’s a great, simple message.

Don’t fuck your Nana, or your Gramps, or your immuno-compromised roommate by bringing them germs.

To the left of Nana is her co-host, the wonderful multidisciplinary artist Anne Marina Fidler, known as Miss Poppycox!

Lovely Julietta la Doll of Bad Bruises had a ssaucy video.

Billie Rae livestreams for Bad Bruises remote drawn by Suzanne Forbes March 26 2020Billie Rae and Alex livestreamed all night with delicious interludes of videos of performers.

I had no idea balloons were a fetish thing, somehow. I can’t keep up with everything you know!

There is a thing called “Looning”, and there was also a performance of “Looning”!


Mica livestreams for Bad Bruises remote drawn by Suzanne Forbes March 26 2020I learned about it in the livestream chat. The chats during streams are sooo fun!!!

This very handsome fellow to the right is named Mica. I don’t know him but I liked his guitar and his cute doggo who totally doggobombed his stream.

I’ve been hearing from Patrons and fans that you enjoy these silly livestream drawings, so I’ll keep making them to help support Berlin performers!

You can help support the producers and performers of Bad Bruises, who like everyone in Berlin’s nightlife have lost all their income, here.

As always, I am able to document Queer, Kinky, Sex Work Berlin and release the art free to all because of the monthly financial support of my beloved Patreon Patrons.

You can help, for just a dollar/Euro a month.

Live-drawing the Live Stream of Pansy’s House of Presents – whoa!

That was delirious!!

Amazing performances by beloved Berlin queers and queens as they quarantine all over town! Pansy, hostess of Pansy’s House of Presents, Berlin’s incredibly popular drag show, and Gieza Poke, hostess of pre-show The Poke House, went live on Twitch last night. Above, marvelous performer Lola Rose showed the empty street her hot pink secret self in a fabulous number recorded earlier in the day.

Below, my first-ever drawing from a livestream, a very bad drawing of Gieza Poke!

Gieza Poke by Suzanne Forbes March 24 2020Drawing from the screen is completely and entirely different from drawing from life.

I have drawn Gieza on three other occasions and never created such a mess.

Pansys House of Presents March 24 2020 by Suzanne ForbesHostess Pansy had wonderful makeup and brought adorable rescue greyhound Tina (“like Tina Turner”) on for a cameo.

I am shocked by how little this drawing looks like her. I have also drawn Pansy before, damn well.

HP Loveshaft for Pansys House of Presents March 24 2020 Suzanne ForbesHP Loveshaft did an incredible and sexy number to “Dancing With Myself” from their hallway.

I made a terrible drawing of this gorgeous drag king! Even though I have drawn them in the past.

Fifi Fantome for Pansys House of Presents March 24 2020 by Suzanne ForbesI do kind of like the drawing I made of Fifi Fantôme dancing on her rooftop!

And I like the one of Lola, as loose and messy as it is. If my Patrons enjoy these goofy drawings, I’ll keep trying every week.

Pansy is doing an incredible thing working to livestream the previously scheduled performances every Tuesday.

She is hoping to raise money to pay the performers, pay beloved queer clubhouse Monster Ronsons the rent she would have paid them, and keep performers’ spirits up.

Gieza’s loving, sassy humor and Pansy’s indomitable message of inclusion, diversity, solidarity and social justice were so revitalizing to me yesterday. The comments in the chat were hilarious too!

You can watch these wild livestreams for free on Twitch (so easy to set up an account) and also easily tip the performers or pay the regular ten euro entry fee if you can.

Gieza’s twitch is here and Pansy’s is here.

You can pre-order merch, including the super popular Drag Saves Lives shirts and totes, here.

I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me work safely at home.

As usual these drawings are licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) for all to share and enjoy!

In addition, I release the copyright on each drawing to the performer shown and they may use the drawings for their own profit and pleeeasssure in any way they choose.