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Drawing a statue by Helga Tiemann at Adenauerplatz!

Statue of Konrad Adenauer by Helga Tiemann drawn by Suzanne Forbes Oct 15 2021This is a drawing of the statue of Konrad Adenauer by German portrait artist Helga Tiemann.

I made it over four sittings while waiting for folks to come to drawing meetups- everything’s on pandemic time and running late here, don’t know about anywhere else!

Helga Tiemann was 87 when the statue was created and placed at Adenauerplatz, and it was inaugurated by Merkel! It’s a terrific sculpture and a popular feature of our neighborhood; he gets funny hats at New Year’s.

I‘m sure he was a problematic guy but it’s cool to know that Germany‘s preeminent portraitist for the great and famous was a woman, for over 50 years! 

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.

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Drawing dear friends on the plaza.

M and A on the plaza by Suzanne Forbes Sept 27 2021Our friends Meredith and Andrea came to the West to see us!

Hub and I geared up in our masks and face shields, and enjoyed the company of two longtime friends. Although we knew them before we moved here – my husband has known Meredith for many years – M & A are huge part of our life in Berlin.

So many New Year’s days here have begun with them tumbling in at 4am, hungry and exhausted, Andrea yelling, “I claim this sofa in the name of Sappho!” and instantly passing out, while Meredith hit the balcony for Club Mate.

They came to see us earlier this year, for a park visit and mini wake. The security community has a very high fatality rate; I think four people they and my husband knew had died that month. I am so grateful for the resilience and stubborn strength of these two.

And for M’s longtime support and Patronage, which helps me be able to make art, as a disabled and vulnerable (but fully vaxxed!) person.

You can help me tell the stories of Berlin, too!