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Grindr for leftovers, and other disturbing news of the sharing economy gold rush.

Ok, so now Grindr for leftovers is a thing.

Um. Trying so hard to get my brain around this. It makes sense, and yet, it freaks me the hell out. I have many times taken leftover food from an office party or food service business I worked at to the free stuff drop off at People’s Park- where the park-dwellers rush your car and ask if you have anything organic- and yet somehow this app seems really dangerous and crazy to me.

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Does hating tech workers help the Bay Area?


“The only acupuncturists or herbalists I know who can make it here have a tech worker spouse who supports them.”

We were standing on Jackson St. in Oakland when our friend N. told us he was leaving. He’d graduated from Chinese medicine school last year, and the numbers just didn’t work out. Student loans, cost of living, the challenge of establishing a practice.

Even with a thousand Facebook friends and incredible goodwill from the community, who’d Liked and Tweeted and Yelp’d him like crazy, there just wasn’t enough money in the work he loved. So one of the gentlest, most healing spirits we know is leaving SF. If you take what he said and substitute “artist”, “performer”, “midwife”, “corsetmaker” or “playwright” you get the reality of our community, the uniquely Bay Area intersection of art and tech: you can afford one creative per couple here.

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