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Queerberg Presents at Qweer Spring Market!

This year is so very dark.

But there are some very bright spots, times of rich community joy in Berlin. One of them was when dear Prens Emrah and the marvelous performers of Queerberg Presents took the stage at Qweer Spring Market. Next Queerberg event at end!

Above, beautiful Dalaa Alsham performs.

Such a joy to get to draw her again! Last time was in 2020, via zoom.

Prenz Emrah, a nonbinary SWANA drag performer dressed in bright neon colors, performs at Qweer Spring Market by Suzanne Forbes Here is Emrah lighting up the stage.

Emrah is the most charming emcee, and Queerberg Events are fantastic. Last year’s Whoriental Festival from Queerberg Presents was an incredibly warm, vibrant, caring event where I felt so safe and so entertained!

Suryani, a middle aged Malaysian woman with large graceful hands, dances in belly dance costume. I drew lovely Suryani again, this time performing!

Previously she modeled for me at the first Whoriental Festival.

I got to draw Rahtu Virgo for the first time.

Love her style and moves! Find him here and on Insta here.

Audience members were invited to join the dancing onstage between acts.

This young person danced so happily. A penciled note indicates their name might be Julia?

Drawing of Prenz Emrah onstage at Qweer Spring Market by Suzanne Forbes Jan 30 2024Here is Emrah with the dancing audience.

Love their pink outfit!

Kids love drag performers!

and these little ones were onstage dancing so happily.

Two femme-appearing children are dancing on an outdoor stage. The older is brown with curly hair partly dyed green and pink. The younger is white with brown braided hair. Both wear colorful dresses and sneakers.

I was so happy to be visiting with my friends Daniel Paikov and partner A.

I hadn’t seen these loved ones in so long. In the intervening years Daniel has done incredible work on his mission of documenting Queer Berlin in beautiful photographs. He has been tirelessly out at so many events, and his work is a window into the community’s life for me and others who are still shielding.

ChiquiLove, a slim light skinned femme dressed in red burlesque costume, dances onstage, at Qweer Spring Market by Suzanne Forbes July 28 2023Chiqui Love was on fire!

SO lovely to see Chiqui and draw her again.

Queerberg Presents Care Fest flyer with artwork by Krishan Rajapakshe, showing scenes of BIPOC folks caring for and grooming.The next Queerberg event is the Community Care Fest on Oct. 29.

Featuring: free haircuts and makeup, exercise and dance workshops, comedy, cabaret, singing, djs and dance performances!

Let’s Paint the Town with Pride at Queerberg “Care Fest” 2023 by House of Royals! 🌈 A FREE Day & Night Event celebrating the spirit of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community! It’s more than a celebration—it’s a hub where refugees and other BIPoC friends can actively partake in various activities and access free services aligned with community needs.

Free entrance, you can give Donations to support two POC trans surgeries costs.

October 29, 2023

FREE ENTRANCE (families with their kids are more than welcome)

At Aquarium 14:00-18:00
At Suedblock 18:00-01:00

Event flyer art by Krishan Rajapakshe.

I hope Berlin folks will support this beautiful event!

As always, I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue documenting Berlin performers as a vulnerable disabled person. For as little as a dollar/euro per month, you can help!