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It’s my 54th birthday! Please help me keep making art :)

Berlin artist Suzanne Forbes in La Femme en Noir in kitchen Jan 3 2020Hi! I’m 54!

I look great, right? I love my self-cut hair, my fat disabled body, my powerhouse survivor’s journey of recovery and growth, and the 1,265 unique pieces of original art I’ve made since I started my Patreon crowd-funding!

And I need your help. To keep making art and to become a permanent resident of Germany.

Can you spare $1/1€ a month to support my crowdfunded documentary art of queer culture?

Crowdfunded Berlin artist Suzanne Forbes Jan 3 2020 4I am incredibly grateful to the small group of very generous Patrons who have made my free queer art possible the last five years.

Because of my Patrons, I’ve been able to make documentary art of Queer Berlin and release it for free, even as I become increasingly disabled by autoimmune illness and C-PTSD. Most of my Patrons have been with me from the beginning, and their support is my treasure, my power center, my grail.

My income is half what it was last year, as Patrons’ circumstances have changed, the censorship impact of SESTA/FOSTA means I have to do my more explicit work for free, and people can’t afford to buy my original art at present.

And I’m gonna earn way less this year, as I need to reduce my posting while I (finally!) learn German and recover from burnout.

I was posting like 14 times a month for much of last year, and donating all my extra money to mutual aid! It was awesome. But also crisis-based and unsustainable. This year I’m exhausted, burned out, very sick, AND it is time for us to apply for permanent residency in Germany!

crowdfunded Berlin artist Suzanne Forbes Jan 3 2020 in salonPlease help me show a stable income as we apply for permanent residency!

All I need is a dollar/euro a month from you, for this one year. If you can’t sign up for my Patreon, please share this post on your socials (yes even FB, even though I don’t have a FB account) and tell people about how I make documentary art and release it for free.

You can see the 297 original pieces of art I made thanks to my Patrons in 2020 here.

308 pieces of art I made in 2019 here.

255 pieces of art I made in 2018 here.

280 pieces of art I made in 2017 here.

Some of the around 100 pieces of art I made in 2016 here.

Some of the around 40 pieces of art I made in 2015. the year I started my Patreon, here.

The single posted work of art I made in 2014, the last year I had a job, here. Yeah, it makes all the difference, and you can help!

Vaccine Phoenix on balcony by Suzanne Forbes March 2020I love you, I believe in you, our love and our bravery and our persistence is FIRE.

You can share my socials, twitter is @slurketta and insta is here.


Classic Halloween thrills and chills with Odelia Opium’s Corona Cabaret!

Roman Ackley for Odelia Opium Corona Cabaret by Suzanne Forbes Oct 29 2020From Odelia Opium’s “Velvet Vampires” show, the ridiculously sexy Roman Ackley doing BOB FOSSE DRACULA!!

I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it. You absolutely never know what you’ll see on a streaming show, and there are wonderful surprises. This performance utterly lifted my heart, and I hope the drawing conveys some of that feeling. Check out Mr. Ackley on Insta here and on his own site here. He does fire, circus and cabaret!

Demi Noire for Odelia Opium Corona Cabaret Suzanne Forbes Oct 28 2020Beautiful, sparkling Demi Noire gave us Devil Woman.

Always a joy to see Demi Noire, a very busy burlesque performer based in the UK. Her insta is here, and her upcoming concept at the Bridge Theater, Black Burlesque Revue (December 2020) here.

Domino Barbeau for Odelia Opium Corona Cabaret by Suzanne Forbes Oct 28 2020Domino Barbeau is also UK-based, and omg she’s awesome!

She did slinky moves, then put on her 3D glasses and ate popcorn. Her Vampira look is UNCANNY. Domino Barbeau on Insta here, her site here, and her Barbeau’s Bat Cave here.

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting an international population of drag and burlesque performers while I work safely at home.