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We Can Deliver It For You Wholesale, and other adventures in same-day AutoTurking.

taskrabbitSo yesterday I didn’t feel well enough to go to work and sit in front of a computer.

I felt just barely well enough to lie on the couch with a computer on my lap. My boyfriend had needs, however.

“Do we have any food?” he wanted to know. That’s code for “Sudo, make me a sandwich” in our house. He’s the primary breadwinner; I work half-time and housewife the rest.

My mom didn’t burn her bra so I could live out traditional gender archetypes, but she also didn’t plan on having a daughter with disabling health issues who’d choose to live in the second most expensive part of the US, where you can’t live without a tech worker income and tech workers work too many hours to take care of themselves. So sue me, First-Wavers. Continue reading

The New Aesthetic, spontaneous ABS mutation and machine vision glitches.

Photo from Trammell Hudson

We just discovered 3D Printer Failure on Flickr- check out this delicious image from Trammell Hudson! There are loads of cool fails, like a devolving Buddha and portraits that fail to render accurately, an outcome anyone who has been interviewed by a media outlet will be familiar with.

3D printer failure is a great synecdoche for the New Aesthetic. The sea sees us; GIGO is everted into meatspace. The looping coils of mis-extruded ABS create gorgeous organic forms. Some seem resolved, like the extrojection of some noumena into our dimension. Continue reading