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Puck the Hare at Adenauerplatz redux!

Puck the Hare at Adenauerplatz Suzanne Forbes May 7 2022Had a lovely visit and draw with Beloved Friend, Muse and Patron Puck the Hare!

Puck kindly posed for me in adorbs bunny gear and makeup. While we discussed an exciting project that I will be talking about more publicly soon! Puck is not making the “Lucky Cat” (maneki-neko) gesture, I just happened to draw her arm up ūüôā

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Noeline la Bouche for Black Fae Day!

Noeline la Bouche for Black Fae Day 2 by Suzanne Forbes May 14 2022What a great adventure!

Do you know about Black Fae Day? On the second Saturday in May, Black fantasy lovers and their allies celebrate positive Black representation in fantasy!

When my beloved friend and muse No√©line la Bouche hosted Uncaged Cabaret’s “Return of the Fling”, I loved the fantasy look she created. I asked if they would be interested in being sponsored to create a look for Black Fae Day, and doing a zoom life drawing session in it.

Noeline la Bouche for Black Fae Day by Suzanne Forbes May 12 2022Noéline said yes! Look at this amazing look!

You can see the selfie photo session Noéline did here. They chose materials and costume components and I ordered them, and I booked her for the session at the highest rate I could possibly afford as well paying for makeup time.

I’m so grateful that my Patrons make supporting creative equity like this possible!

No√©line is a consummate professional and we convened for the zoom session with them completely in costume and makeup, set up with camera and beautifully lit. We took breaks as needed for our disabled bodies, and got to visit too. Because working with No√©line is a safe space for me, I experimented a LOT with the Liquitex Acrylic Ink I’ve been trying!

Noeline la Bouche for Black Fae Day 2 by Suzanne Forbes May 14 2022 detailI am so glad Black Fae Day exists.

“We are showing the world that Black people deserve more positive representation in mainstream fantasy and fairytales! We’re out here and magical. Will you join us in uplifting minority voices?”

Learn about Black Fae Day Founder Jasmine la Fleur and co-founder Carlos Williams Jr. here. Follow on twitter here!

Insta here, linktree, website, IRL celebration. Venmo to support this wonderful event!

If you’re interested in disabled performer life and building the emotional intelligence to cope with radical physical challenge, I highly recommend reading Noéline’s posts.

And of course paying her some money because we don’t take the labor of Black femmes for free!

Noéline’s website here, Insta here, burlesque accessory line here, Paypal.me here!

Noéline in a headpiece I made! And as the Goddess Yemaya last month.

Many other Noeline drawings in my Noéline Muse Album on flickr.

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue documenting Berlin performers as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.