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Lani at Xantener Eck, two years later!

Lani, a nonbinary Hawaiian person with rainbow mirrorshades, lime green hair and black leather clothes drawn at Xantener Eck by Suzanne Forbes So happy to have had a visit from loved one Lani aka Foo and a chance to draw them rocking a peak Berlin look!

We got to sit outside our local pub and chat delightfully. When I’m strong enough to spend IRL time with a friend it invigorates me profoundly! And what a joy to revisit Lani as a portrait sitter. Previous drawing of them two years ago here! This was the first in-person drawing I have done since this one of my husband back in September! I have switched back to toned papers, and sort of resolved one of the concerns I have about using them.

Lani at Xantener Eck by Suzanne Forbes Feb 23 2024 auto pop edited scanArtwork on toned papers tends to have its value range badly flattened out by our scanner.

However, the editing program I use for my crude, simple edits, Pixlr, now has two auto settings that help a lot. The scan below uses the “auto pop” setting, and restores the greyed-out scan to closer to what the naked eye or camera eye sees of these mixed media drawings. A quick adjust to brightness and color temperature helps too. The hottest whites are still lost, but it’s much better, and the resolution beats our ancient ipad. Cool, right?

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Second Annual Longest Night collaboration with Sadie Lune!

Last night I renewed my collaboration with Eternal Muse Sadie Lune for the Winter Solstice.

For the second year in a row, we met on zoom to make art and set intentions, hold hope and hold each other in our hearts.

Drawing of Sadie Lune, a tall and beautiful white femme. She is veiled and surrounded by candles, wearing lace and corset.

Again Sadie absolutely stunned and amazed with her makeup and styling.

Drawing of Sadie Lune, a tall and beautiful white femme. She sits and smokes, wearing lace, corset and boots.

Celebrating the Longest Night in the Court of Night Blooming Flowers is a theme in the Kushiel’s Dart books.

When I was working at Wicked Grounds in 2009 I was introduced to the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. Everyone at work was a fan! Prominent in the extremely kinky and queer series are the Servants of Naamah, a church and religion of sex worker priests and priestesses. It was the perfect fantasy series for the kinky queers and sex workers of Wicked Grounds!

I hope Sadie and I can convene and do this beautiful ritual again.

Previous collabs with Sadie Lune:

The first Longest Night

The Lamp of Spring

My latest IRL portrait of Sadie, on a very cold Fall day.

Vampire Baby Jesus

Sadie in Thistle and Spire

Book release party for “As You Wish, my Lady” – vanilla

Book release party for “As You Wish, my Lady” – NSFW

Sadie’s piece in the Coven show at Schwules Museum

Sadie’s pregnancy photo shoot, documented

Vampire Lesbians of Neukoelln – NFSW

Diptych portrait of Sadie Lune and Jo Pollux

You can learn about Sadie’s work on her (NSFW) website. And here’s her Insta, and her twitter . My flickr gallery of drawings and paintings of Sadie is here!

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