New Year’s Eve with Sunday Slips and Donut Heart!

We went to the Sunday Slips Extravaganza at Lagari for New Year’s. That’s right, we finally went out on New Year’s Eve, our third year in Berlin. What can I say, we like our house and we like staying home! This year though, lots of our friends were performing/going to Lagari so we got on […]

Women who rock Berlin – Donut Heart at Arcanoa

I drew the Donut Heart folk at an amazing and magical Berlin bar, the underground wonderland that is Arcanoa. The show was called the “Sunken Ship Show!” Check out Alfred Ladylike and Baron Anastis, above. I feel like I got a very good likeness of Baron, who is a professional life model as well as rocking […]

Drawing Donut Heart for Pride Month!

I went to draw Donut Heart performing again! This time at the Lesbian and Trans* stage at the Berlin Lesbian and Gay Festival. The festival is one part of the Berlin Pride Month activities, which culminate the following weekend in Christopher Street Day. There were a lot of stages, so I wasn’t sure how to find the […]

Drawing woman musicians and a boylesque Jesus at the Donut Heart video release party!

I love to draw musicians. They are among my most favorite subjects. As a non-musical person, being able to create music is like some kind of sorcery to me. So when I was invited to draw live at the party for the release of Donut Heart‘s new video I was very excited. Look at Alfred Ladylike […]

Sharing and using Suzanne Forbes’ Free Art.

How does sharing Suzanne Forbes’ Free Art work? My live event drawings are crowdfunded. I’m sponsored by my Patrons from my Patreon. My Patrons sign up for Patreon’s monthly artist support service; they pay whatever they want (you can click here to help, a dollar or euro a month is great!) I use that money to […]

When the ladies play the blues.

I returned to the delightful Art Stalker Berlin to see the first Donut Heart reunion. Alfred Ladylike and Rah Hell were performing with blues band Vintage & Used. Rah says I am getting better at drawing the drums! It was interesting to draw her arm and wrist movements playing the blues vs. playing punk with […]

Band practise with Baron Anastis and the Erinyes in a secret space!

My wonderful drummer muse Rah Hell is in a second band, besides Donut Heart, now. The band is called Baron Anastis and the Erinyes and consists of Baron, Joe Dochtermann and Rah. They are a sexy-punk glam-punk triad! They rehearse at an undisclosed (and remarkable) location, in a space called (with reason) The Catacombs. The […]

Another fabulous Uke Boogie!

This month’s theme at Uke Boogie Berlin was X for Xtra-Terrestrial. No way was I gonna miss that! Check out alien co-host Dara Star getting some psychic energy from her glowing eyeball orb. Toby performed with his torso-mounted theremin, described by Crayon Jones as the world’s first Theremin Cock! Host Rah Hell kept things running […]

Women who rock: Das Fluff in Berlin!

I finally got to see Das Fluff perform! Post-punk electric filth!! My friend and muse, Donut Heart drummer Rah Hell, told me I would love them. And I did!!! I went to frontwoman Dawn’s 51st birthday party gig at her favorite Berlin bar, Leydicke. You can’t explain Leydicke; it’s one of those Berlin places that […]

Live painting during A(RT)ffair at Ludwig Berlin!

SO much appreciation to Suzanne Wegh and Natascha Artworx for creating our wonderful art event at Ludwig Berlin this past weekend. We had new works from all three of us, live painting (me) and drawing (by lots of cool women), modelling by Miss Natasha Enquist, live body-painting by Natascha Artworx on Alfred Ladylike as human […]