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In which I am interviewed at Le Grand Mess by Liliana Velásquez and Fannie Headaek!

Liliana Velasquez and Fannie Headaek at Le Grand Mess Feb 9 2019 by Suzanne ForbesTwo of Berlin’s hardest working entertainers invited me to their talk-show-with-a-twist.

Le Grand Mess takes place at the charming little theater InnovationArt just two subway stops from us, so the hubbin and I made an evening out of it. I have enjoyed drawing both Liliana Velásquez and Fannie Headaek before.Liliana Velasquez and Fannie Headaek dancing at Le Grand Mess Feb 9 2019 by Suzanne Forbes

You can see my drawings of Liliana performing at Folsom Europe, emcee’ing the Tom Petty tribute show and at Lagari, and of Fannie at Monster Ronson’s. Liliana is the host of The Freudian Slip Club (every Sunday! no matter what!), co-producer of Big Broad Revue, and so many other things.

Portrait of Fannie Headaek Feb 9 2019 by Suzanne ForbesFannie does her own special effects makeup!

And is also an absolutely banging pole dancer. We had such a lovely time, and I really enjoyed talking about my work with these lovely folx, and my hubbin  cracked up at all the jokes.

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support allows me to make art documenting queer culture in Berlin. 

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New Year’s Eve with Sunday Slips and Donut Heart!

Liliana Velasquez and friends at Sunday Slips by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017We went to the Sunday Slips Extravaganza at Lagari for New Year’s.

That’s right, we finally went out on New Year’s Eve, our third year in Berlin. What can I say, we like our house and we like staying home!

This year though, lots of our friends were performing/going to Lagari so we got on the M29 bus and went to Neukölln.

It was so wonderful to ride on the upper deck of my beloved M29 along the river of stars that is the Ku’Damm at New Years.

Cedric Till at Sunday Slips by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017

Cedric Till at Sunday Slips by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017

I felt ridiculously, absurdly fortunate to be riding the bus to friends with my husband in a city that was not just safe, but sparkling.

Well, exploding, really, but I like the noise and fireworks of Silvester! We arrived at Lagari around ten, just as the open mic session was ending.

The host of the event, Liliana Velásquez, is someone I drew previously at Folsom Europe. You can see her dancing with friends in the top drawing. As well as hosting the Sunday Slips, the weekly clubhouse of Freudian Slip Club, she is part of the Fetish Comedy group.

Her partner Wynton Kelly Stevenson is an amazing one-man band.

Wynton Kelly Stevenson by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017

Wynton Kelly Stevenson by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017

We were blown away by his sounds, created with harmonica, beatbox and Loopstation. And his sound is super danceable. Hubbin got up and danced a bit along with the folks of all ages who enjoy the chill Lagari scene!

Women dancing at Lagari by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017Here you can see Alfred Ladylike serenely conserving her energies for…

Alfred Ladylike by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017…the rocked to fuck show by Alfred Ladylike and Rah Hell of Donut Heart!

They were joined at the end by Liliana, who just learned to play the bass!

Alfred Ladylike and Rah Hell of Donut Heart by Suzanne Forbes Dec 31 2017

At one point Rah had to stand up and drum because her drum was trying to escape the pounding she was giving it. Wynton had to lie on it to hold it in place. Berlin is punk as fuck.

There were other performances like burlesque queen Viva Lamore coming out of a handmade giant Campbell’s Soup Can, and we received handmade banana hats in our goody bag. We had such a lovely time.

Berlin art and music fam, we love you!