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Drawing my mom on Zoom, Alfred Ladylike on Youtube, and Janet on Twitch!

portrait of Pat Ketchum drawn via Zoom March 27 2020 by Suzanne ForbesI did this drawing of my mom, Patricia Ketchum, during a Zoom talk.

It was one of the first remote drawings I did! It definitely helps to know the face of the person I’m drawing.

Alfred Ladylike livestreams on Youtube by Suzanne Forbes March 27 2020This is my friend Alfred Ladylike, drawn as they perform a live concert on Youtube last week.

Alfred‘s Patreon is here and their beautiful song “Rainbow Medicine” on youtube is here. Check out the incredible nerdcore rap “Wizards RULE!” here.

Janet posing for Drink and Draw Berlin April 2 2020 by Suzanne ForbesMy friend Janet, who is a wonderful artist, art teacher and artist’s model, posed for the first remote Drink and Draw Berlin.

Janet is a great model and also teaches drawing with DandD Berlin. This livestream was hosted by Julian DIeckert of DandD Berlin, a terrific draughtsman, who offered tips in the splitscreen.

Janet modeling for Drink and Draw Berlin April 2 2020 by Suzanne ForbesDrink and Draw Berlin is working on doing remote sessions going forward!

You can support these free online drawing sessions (and help Janet get paid!) here.

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support lets me work safely at home.


Another fabulous Uke Boogie!

Dara Star at Uke Boogie by Suzanne Forbes Nov 9 2017This month’s theme at Uke Boogie Berlin was X for Xtra-Terrestrial.

No way was I gonna miss that! Check out alien co-host Dara Star getting some psychic energy from her glowing eyeball orb.

Toby playing theremin Uke Boogie Nov 9 2017 by Suzanne ForbesToby performed with his torso-mounted theremin, described by Crayon Jones as the world’s first Theremin Cock!

Rah Hell at Uke Boogie Nov 9 2017 by Suzanne ForbesHost Rah Hell kept things running smoothly.

Follow her on the Instas and twitter for drum, ukelele and CAT FUN.

Women performing at Uke Boogie Nov 9 2017 by Suzanne ForbesNice to see these lovely women singing German folk music again!

Dancers uke boogie nov 9 2017 by Suzanne ForbesSome young folks were dancing.

Alfred Ladylike at Uke Boogie Nov 9 2017 by Suzanne ForbesAlfred Ladylike was in fine form, rocking out on several songs.

Davepool at Uke Boogie Nov 9 2017 by Suzanne ForbesAt the end of the night, surprise guest Deadpool AKA Davepool!

You may remember David Hawkins performing at the Donut Heart video release party.

As always, a wonderful, free evening in Berlin at Uke Boogie. You can see the previous Uke Boogie drawings here. Thank you so much Rah and everybody!