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Drawing an artist friend in my neighborhood!

Puck the Hare posing at Adenaurplatz August 26 by Suzanne ForbesGood heavens it was glorious to spend two hours with Beloved Friend-Muse-Patron Puck on Adenauerplatz yesterday.

She arrived clad in iridescent holographic fetish bunny wear and literally lit up the plaza like a beam of cosmic light.

Puck the Hare posing at Adenaurplatz August 26 by Suzanne Forbes work in progressPure joy to have this quality time together.

I hadn’t seen Puck in person since I drew her dancing at Torture Garden Berlin on February 28, 2020! I knew it would be a dream to work with her though, as she is both a professional photographer and photography model. Plus a genius with outfits!

Above, you can see the drawing as it was after our two hours sitting outside Graffiti on Adenauerplatz.

Since we were going to be seated at a table, I brought my pastels and watercolor pens. I wore my prescription goggles and two FFP2 masks, and I felt really pretty comfortable and safe enough.

Puck the Hare posing at Adenaurplatz August 26 by Suzanne Forbes faceIt’s quite hard to capture the actual brightness of these pastel mixed-media drawings.

These details were taken outside, where the pigments can really spark.

Puck the Hare posing at Adenaurplatz August 26 by Suzanne Forbes bootsLoved drawing this colorful look while spending time with an artist friend!

Here is Puck through the camera lens!

So grateful to Puck and to all my other Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.

With your support, I can work from home or safely outside and keep telling the stories of Berlin.

The Pansy’s Birthday shows of Pansy’s House of Presents!

Dalaa for Giezas Poke House June 9 by Suzanne Forbes July 8 2020So many incredible performances for Pansy’s birthday!

Dalaa is a fantastic dancer; she was in the first half of the fab evening on Gieza’s Poke House.

If it were not for lockdown, I might never have gotten a chance to draw beauties like Dalaa. Getting across town to Monster Ronson’s is a huge effect for me, and one I am usually only able to make a couple times a year.

Katana Six for Giezas Poke House June 9 by Suzanne Forbes July 8 2020So I am very glad to be able to see every single Poke House and House of Presents show, for this period of time.

You can watch Gieza’s Poke House and Pansy’s House of Presents in Quarantine EVERY TUESDAY at 21:00 for The Poke House and 22h CET for House of Presents!

And see new-to-the-Pokehouse performers like the marvelous, gorgeous Katana Six!

Alexander Cameltoe for Pansys House of Presents June 9 by Suzanne Forbes July 8 2020Always a joy to see and draw Alexander Cameltoe.

Alexander’s show for Pansy’s birthday started in their workshop, which is loaded with tool goodness. Intergalactic Trash Prince  Alexander answered the Batphone and then proceeded to a gorgeous art-laden altar.

Pansy by Suzanne Forbes July 9 2020Note, I did not draw Pansy on her actual birthday.

She was dressed as an adorable baby, and I do not like children unless they are my friends’ children. So this is a drawing of Pansy from another show, when she was dressed as an adorable diner waitress bunny!

BIG NEWS: Pansy’s Pop-Up Pantry is HAPPENING Aug 2!!!

Pansy has been doing a fantastic series on her Insta stories called Pansy’s Pantry, where she demonstrates the baking of fabulous treats, with recipe, and provides education and tips for activism. Now the Pantry is coming to IRL life for a hot summer day!

You can pre-order her legendary key lime pie for pick-up here!

And always, I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s queer, intersectional drag performers while I work safely at home.