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More liquitex acrylic ink experiments, feat. my hub!

Dan talks to Wednesday group by Suzanne Forbes Jan 4 2023 2

He has joined a group of folks based in Oxford called “The Wednesday”, and they all talk about philosophy.

He gave a talk about “Umberto Eco and Semiotics” and I set up my little paint-drawing station with a Windsor-Newton watercolor block, my Liquitex acrylic inks, my chalk marker, and my PITT pens. I don’t know yet if I like these inks or not. I need to use liquid mediums and brushes to spare my hand and arm pain, but I never had a feel for transparent media.

So, this was a chance to try and work with it!

I use the chalk marker to bring up light values, and added a little pastel to refine a few highlights, plus watercolor markers to shade in some darks. So really it’s as mixed media as you can get. I don’t know if I like the results, don’t know if I’ll keep using the inks, and don’t know what else to try. I’m in negative capacity. That’s ok.

Hub said that “The Illuminatus Trilogy is really a sci-fi version of Foucoult’s Pendulum” because he’s a troll like that.

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More drawings from Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin Baba Yaga session!

Marin van der Waa Narrates at Dr Sketchys Berlin by Suzanne Forbes sept 23 2018Marijn was the narrator, reading a spooky fairy tale in a voice that filled the room like smoke.

I have drawn Marijn before at Dr. Sketchy’s and was pleased to be able to do so again. Having a narrator really added to the experience of the show! Marijn is an illustrator herself, and you can follow her on the Instas here or check out her website here.

Women artists at Dr Sketchys Berlin Sept 27 2018 by Suzanne ForbesI also drew some of the artists this time!

I wound up sitting right next to the organizer of Berlin Museum Crew, artist Samantha Stover, (her mane of 60s movie star hair was covering her face alas!) and several other young woman artists. That’s Lucille Lehr with the two-colored hair! Plus my dear friend, artist and art teacher Giulia Caruso, was just a few seats away! That’s her with the fuschia streak and tattoos 🙂

Models at Dr Sketchys Berlin Sept 21 2018 by Suzanne ForbesAnd the one sketch I made of the other model besides Valentina Demonia, Hurricane Irina !

Another amazing Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin, thanks to LalaVox and Le Pustra. So excited for the Hansel and Gretel session, October 21 at Ballhaus Berlin!

More drawings from this session here; previous Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin:

Viva Lamore, à la Baroque

Betty Fvck, Trixie Tassels and More, Berlin Burlesque Week

Broken Baroque

Victorian Spiritualist edition with Valentina Demonia and Syren Joey

More Victorian Spiritualist edition

Weimar Berlin, with Le Pustra and Bridge Markland

More Weimar Berlin

and my first Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin with Viva Lamore, Syren Joey and live painting outdoors!

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