Dr Sketchy’s Berlin, Victorian Spiritualist Edition!

Dr sketchys berlin victorian spiritualism edition tattooed lady by suzanne forbes oct 29 2017Another amazing edition, the sixty-somethingth, of Berlin’s superb Dr. Sketchy’s.

Once again at beautiful Ballhaus Berlin, with the theme of Victorian Spiritualists, two days before Halloween. Fantastic models, fabulous theme, gorgeous venue. Does it get any better?

Yes, cause lots of my very talented badass-drawing colleagues from ESDIP Berlin were on hand and we set up at a table and just blew the roof off the place with our drawing powers.

Not gonna lie, my goal when I go to an event like this is to draw better, faster and more confidently than any man there, including my valued colleagues.

dr sketchys berlin victorian spiritualism edition by suzanne forbes Oct 29 2017Here in Berlin, where many people who attend drawing events can draw like hell, it’s the kind of challenge I can set my teeth into.

In San Francisco I was always the best draftsman in the room; here I gotta fight hard for that, and it is food for my soul. I locked into pure flow state very early on and spent the whole session riding the armature of my training and abilities. When this happens I watch myself work effortlessly, the only challenge being to trust what’s happening. I really hit the mainline at the end.

Look at this straight up Leyendecker shit. I drew it in ten minutes.

dr sketchys berlin victorian spiritualism edition last pose by Suzanne Forbes Oct 29 2017Lots more drawings coming soon. Check my insta for previews and the Dr. Sketchys Berlin insta for lotsa cool art!

Thank you LaLaVox and Le Pustra for another incredible night! What a gift you give us!

And thanks to my Patrons on Patreon whose financial support makes it possible for me to go to events like this and draw like hell!

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