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Berlin’s cutest gothic family!

Sadie Lune and Vampirina with Hearse Sept 28 2021 by Suzanne ForbesYou know how your kid likes to drive a toy car over you?

Team SupremeĀ Sadie Lune, young Vampirina and I did this zoom portrait sitting back in last September, knowing Halloween is our time to shine!

Thanks to my Patreon Patrons, I just finished the last drawing!

As my health continues to deteriorate thanks to multiple autoimmune illnesses, it is the emotional, practical and financial support of my Patrons that keeps me going, making art.

Telling the stories of Queer Berlin and the fabulous folx who live, love and perform in our city. You can help, for just a buck a month šŸ™‚

I have collaborated with Sadie so many times; she is an unfailing muse even in the hardest days. And her children are the coolest gothic angel demon babies in town.

You can see the rest of the drawings from this session here. You can learn about Sadie’s work on her (NSFW) website. And hereā€™sĀ her Insta,Ā and herĀ twitter . My insta is here!

Drawing dear friends on the plaza.

M and A on the plaza by Suzanne Forbes Sept 27 2021Our friends Meredith and Andrea came to the West to see us!

Hub and I geared up in our masks and face shields, and enjoyed the company of two longtime friends. Although we knew them before we moved here – my husband has known Meredith for many years – M & A are huge part of our life in Berlin.

So many New Year’s days here have begun with them tumbling in at 4am, hungry and exhausted, Andrea yelling, “I claim this sofa in the name of Sappho!” and instantly passing out, while Meredith hit the balcony for Club Mate.

They came to see us earlier this year, for a park visit and mini wake. The security community has a very high fatality rate; I think four people they and my husband knew had died that month. I am so grateful for the resilience and stubborn strength of these two.

And for M’s longtime support and Patronage, which helps me be able to make art, as a disabled and vulnerable (but fully vaxxed!) person.

You can help me tell the stories of Berlin, too!