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Last embroidery art of 2020/First embroidery of 2021: Frog and Snail!

Embroidered snail by Suzanne Forbes Jan 2021I realized I had never embroidered a snail!

Time to remedy that! This just-finished snail embroidery art is my first textile arts piece of 2021. I really wanted to try using pearls and clear and opalescent beads for slime, the way legendary human body embroidery artist Sally Hewett uses them for body fluids.

Embroidered snail by Suzanne Forbes Jan 2021I think it’s a charming effect, not a patch on the power of the inspiration though.

Embroidered White's Tree Frog by Suzanne Forbes November 2020I had to keep this embroidered White’s Tree Frog under wraps for a while, as it was a commissioned birthday gift!

Cute Embroidered Whites Tree Frog in process by Suzanne Forbes Nov 2020You can see the process of making him is better documented than usual, as I was sending previews to the commissioner as I worked.

While Littlest Sweet Shop was making my big Rainbow Gay Trans Miniature Treats Party order, she sent me pictures of the process, and I enjoyed it so much I decided to do it myself!


Anti-Pence Fly Embroidery Art for this election season.

Anti Mike Pence Fly Embroidery Art by Suzanne Forbes Oct 20 2020The anti-Pence fly embroidery is done!

Of course, I want to be very clear: I am a huge fan of the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head and lingered there, vomiting. It is Mike Pence who I am deeply opposed to.

Anti Mike Pence Fly Embroidery Art by Suzanne Forbes Oct 20 2020This piece has so much queer love woven into it.

It is sewn on white muslin from the voluminous white muslin gown that came with my Sideshow Bride of Frankenstein doll, like the Devil/Flower Mantis.

I’ve been cutting that gown up and using it for years, it’s the only piece of white fabric in our house! (You can see the custom burlesque outfit I made for the doll to wear instead here.)

Anti Mike Pence Fly Embroidery Art by Suzanne Forbes Oct 20 2020 The fly has layers.

There are three shades of tulle, grey crystal beads, pearls, smoke Swarovski crystals, many shades of black and grey and Anthracite crystals, two kinds of black sparkle thread, two kinds of silver embroidery thread, and three tiny piss-yellow crystals.

Anti Mike Pence Fly Embroidery Art by Suzanne Forbes Oct 20 2020 The fly has a hundred threads of RAINBOW holographic filament over each eye.

Using the holo filament, which is incredibly fine, is time-consuming. But it is ritually important, like in this piece.

UPDATE: FLY SOLD, MONEY SENT TO FRIEND! Mantis still available!

The fly piece is a fundraiser for a US friend who is in big trouble. It’s part of a big fundraiser art sale coming soon, WITH shipping cause my hub loves this friend too and is gonna handle it. It’s a 250 euro donation to the friends’ paypal plus shipping. Email me if you’re interested!