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Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart, redux!

Bejewelled heart by Suzanne Forbes Oct 2022 darknessI love a heart afire.

This white plaster commercial heart arrived kinda smashed up, but I have Apoxie Sculpt, and when you have Apoxie Sculpt nothing is ever broken for long.

Bejewelled heart by Suzanne Forbes Oct 2022I painted it with acrylics, then with interferent blue, then varnished it with many layers of Dura-Clear gloss.

So many layers.

Bejewelled heart by Suzanne Forbes Oct 2022Then I added all the crystals and half-pearls.

And then varnished it again, so the crystals would be sort of sunk in the gloss. Which worked really well! Just a project to help my spooky heart feel strong in the darkness.

Last dollhouse X-Mansion build detail: stairs to Ororo’s attic!

Stairs to Ororos attic X Men dollhouse by Suzanne Forbes July 2022I had to scratch-build a lot of this, which I hate!

So it took two years longer than expected to physically finish the X-Mansion. I got blocked by the final detail, the stairs leading up to the attic, which of course is Ororo’s. The dollhouse I used wasn’t designed to have stairs to the roof, but I thought it would be fine to have a trap door and a smaller staircase. Finding one that nearly fit, cutting it down, building the trap door and banisters and miter-cutting and painting… well I hated all that.

Stairs to Ororos attic X Men dollhouse by Suzanne Forbes July 2022But I had some good energy mid-July, and I got a few UFOs (unfinished objects) tackled.

And putting the plants on the stairs as a little Easter Egg made me very happy. The trapdoor still needs a handle, and I ordered one but it isn’t here yet.

Why are 90s DC characters in my #80sxmen #actionfigurediorama? For Berlin Pride Week, baby! And Apollo and Midnighter look so at home.

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