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Creepy new mermaid skeleton projects for the holiday season!

Skeleton Mermaid by Suzanne Forbes Sept 29 2022Look, I can barely keep it together these days.

I gotta make weird stuff to hold on. I had always wanted a hanging skeleton mermaid, so I bought a commercial one to customize. Of course I cut her spine in half and repositioned her for a nicer pose, and bulked out her pelvis and joints with my beloved Apoxie-Sculpt.

Skeleton Mermaid by Suzanne Forbes Sept 29 2022The skeleton came with a lovely pearly tone already!

I painted it with the usual: artists acrylic gradients, interferent blue, and some lovely oyster pearl. Then I add fins of Angelina Fantasy Film and UV resin, in turquoise and milky blue.

Skeleton Mermaid by Suzanne Forbes Sept 29 2022Then to decorate!

Gradient pearls, micro glitter, chunky glitter, glitter flakes, microbeads, and clear AB pearls added detail. I beaded some garlands, burned and slashed four different blue tulles, and added hair from the doll parts drawer.

Skeleton Mermaid and Preserved Fairy by Suzanne Forbes Sept 29 2022She’s kind of a companion piece to this horrible Preserved Fairy I made some years back.

The Preserved Fairy lives in a cabinet where it can startle my husband, and I hung the mermaid skeleton up behind a sheer curtain at the balcony door, for the same purpose.

Skeleton Mermaid in frame by Suzanne Forbes Sept 29 2022I also made this little duochrome UV resin mermaid-in-frame project.

I painted the frame in pastel gradients, added brushings of UV base coat, then duochrome powder, then top coat, and gradient pearls.

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Miss Lola Rose, Muse!

Pink Butterfly headpiece and drawing of Lola Rose by Suzanne ForbesI am so inspired by Berlin drag performer Miss Lola Rose.

Here are two summer works inspired by her style and beauty. I spent much of this spring making this headpiece for Miss Lola, who is working on a piece with a song about butterflies.

Butterfly Headpiece of Holographic vinyl UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film for Miss Lola Rose by Suzanne Forbes August 2022 6Then I had to take a hiatus as my health crashed, and I finally finished it a week ago.

It’s made of holographic vinyl, UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film, plus lots of gradient pearls, AB crystals and gold lace.

Butterfly Headpiece of Holographic vinyl UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film for Miss Lola Rose by Suzanne Forbes August 2022There are a dozen hand-cast pink UV resin butterflies with glitter inclusions, panels of iridescent Angelina Fantasy Film in the laser-cut butterfly frontispiece, and uncountable pearls and crystals on the flowers.

Pink Butterfly headpiece for Lola Rose by Suzanne ForbesThis might be the last big piece like this I do, as it’s harder for me to sit up for long periods.

I’m glad this one came out so well, and I cannot wait to see what Miss Lola does with it.

Lola Rose birthday drawing by Suzanne Forbes Aug 22 2022As for the drawing of Miss Lola, I made it during my sick leave cause I was so inspired I HAD TO DRAW!

I took six weeks of sick leave from my Patreon this summer, my first break in seven years. But on August 22, Miss Lola had her birthday cabaret. The power of Berlin’s drag scene and Miss Lola Rose in particular is so great, I was moved to make this drawing while watching her livestream from Tipsy_Bear_Berlin. Lola went to special lengths to make sure me and other housebound folx could watch, and it meant so much to me to share in the experience.

What a show!!

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue documenting and decorating Berlin performers as a shielding disabled person.