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The 60th Birthday show of legendary Berlin Drag King Bridge Markland!

Bridge Markland as Sascha for 60th Birthday special Feb 20 2021 by Suzanne ForbesOf course, Bridge Markland is far more than a Drag King.

Bridge, who I have drawn many times, is a performer in the classic tradition, a clown and puppeteer and artist’s model and archivist of Queer Berlin culture. She is an actor who can bring the ghosts of Weimar to life when inhabited by the spirit of Anita Berber, and a dancer who can grind it industrial. Sascha, above, is one of her classic characters!

And Bridge is a welcoming signpost to the young gender performers of Berlin.

Bleach for Bridge Markland 60th Birthday special Feb 20 2021 by Suzanne ForbesShe has a wonderful relationship with the Venus Boys and several joined her onstage.

Bleach, above, did a delicate transform into an ivory slip dress and loose blonde curls. I tried to capture the way their feminine beauty was visible even before the masculine drag was removed.

I am always excited to draw the amazing Venus Boys, “a collective of Berlin based Drag performers who paint from the palette of performative masculinity”.

Here’s a post about Bridge and Buba Sababa performing together last year.

Bridge Markland 60th Birthday special Feb 20 2021 by Suzanne ForbesBridge Markland, throwing away gender norms since 1995!

You love to see it. Bridge has a legendary tongue, this drawing does not exaggerate it!

It was a joy to document this show.


I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s drag and burlesque performers while I work safely at home.

Boylesque, white tie and more at Vaudeville Variety Revue!

Sarah Goody at Vaudeville Variety Oct 15 2017 by Suzanne ForbesSarah Goody was an amazing aerial performer!

Look, I lived in the Bay Area for eighteen years. I’ve seen some aerial performers. Sarah Goody brought so much lusty power to her rope performance, and I hope I captured some of it.

Yvonne at Vaudeville Variety Revue October 15 2017 by Suzanne ForbesI drew Yvonne in the lobby during the interval.

This is one of those incredibly rare drawings that is so perfect I actually knew not to mess with it.

performers at Vaudeville Variety Oct 15 2017 by Suzanne ForbesThese two performed to the Dresden Dolls song “Missed Me.”

It’s a long song, and their performance was extremely complex and precise; they never missed a beat. I had no idea you could do put a ping-pong ball there!

Previous drawings from this event here, and more to come as soon as I get a second to finish them! Having the extra hours of dress rehearsal really gave me time to get into each performer’s style.

Thank you so much  Sheila Wolf, producer of Berlin’s fabulous Vaudeville Variety Revue, for having me as your guest again!