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Queerantina! An incredible live online show of Berlin’s refugee and asylum-seeker drag houses!

The Darvish for Queerantina by Suzanne Forbes April 10 2020SUCH a fantastic show!

Love, love, love the performers of our city’s refugee and asylum-seeker drag houses, like Queerberg, Queer Syria, Queens Against Borders, and House of Royals. These folx have endured so much, and yet they come to our arms with gifts, the gifts of their beings. What a treat to draw The Darvish again, they are the most gorgeous and, I was shocked to learn, self-taught as a dancer. Cause they are SUCH a good dancer!

The Fatal Flash for Queerantina by Suzanne Forbes April 10 2020I was thrilled to live-draw the livestream of this fundraiser show, hosted by Pansy of Pansy’s House of Presents.

Pansy has been working with refugee performers for some time, and I drew folks from House of Royals back in January at the last House of Presents/Gieza’s Pokehouse I went to in person. (That post coming soon!) The beautiful phoenix above is The Fatal Flash, who came from Russia to seek refuge in Berlin. Check out Flash’s show Talk With a Gay!!!

Patricia for Queerantina by Suzanne Forbes April 10 2020Patricia, above, is so fiercely glamorous!

Love to see her beautiful face!

Nicky for Queerantina by Suzanne Forbes April 10 2020This is Nicky!

Performer and MUA Nicky is an essential part of the scene. She is lovely! There are a few more drawings coming, I wanted to get the post up ASAP to give as many people as possible a chance to view the stream of the show while it’s still up!

I learned a lot during the show about the completely unnecessary extra layer of economic hardship refugees are subject to. It is brutal and wrong and I hope folx can help by donating if possible!!! You can donate to Pansy at paypal.me/pansypresents and she will pay tax on the donations and forward funds on.

If you missed Queerantina: an online Soli Show for queer refugees last night, the stream will be up for two more weeks! enjoy at your leisure and tip these performers! Click here to view on twitch!

And always, I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s queer, intersectional drag performers while I work safely at home.




A Valentines Big Broad Revue at Tipsy Bear Berlin!

Dotti Moscati at Big Broad Revue by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020We love the sexy, political, Berliner humor and magic of this show!

Don’t we all need a long, sweet lick of Liberty right now? You know we do. Co-producer Dotti Moscati brought the sadness, the frustration, the betrayal, and the sexy-ass life-force to this depiction of Lady Liberty.

Dotti Moscati for Big Broad Revue at Tipsy Bear by Suzanne Forbes June 25 2020Updated June 25 with another drawing of Dotti from this night.

Singing her hilarious, awesome Tinder song!

Gorjeaux at Big Broad Revue by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020The surprise guest was radiant Gorjeoux, above, strumming and singing and making us giggle with her revised pop songs.

Duckie l Orange at Big Broad Revue by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020Aussie Duckie l’Orange did a remarkable puppet burlesque number.

It was both hilarious and deeply unsettling!

Liliana Velasquez at Big Broad Revue by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020Co-Producer Liliana Velásquez is always amazing!

We love her New Yorker/Colombian/Berlin stand-up humor!

My husband actually came out for Big Broad Revue, because he loves Liliana’s stand-up (and it was Valentines!) and he had a wonderful time. It was really a tremendous show, balancing outrage at injustice and the laughs that help us keep going.

Fannie Headaek at Big Broad Revue by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020 Returned to us after a sojourn in Canada for makeup school, Fannie Headaek hit the stage!

You might wonder how a number could possibly live up to that wig. Believe me, she did!

Ruby de Cadence at Big Broad Revue by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020

Last but never, never least, beautiful Ruby de Cadence!

Always a pleasure to draw this burlesque lady.

And always my pleasure and my honor to documentary-draw the folx of Berlin, which is made possible by the monthly financial support of my Patrons on Patreon