Unterweg Drawings Nr. 2- December!

senior ladies by Suzanne Forbes December 2016 Berlin

I love how older ladies carry themselves in Berlin. So composed, so collected, so unafraid.

Working on these relaxed, experimental unterweg drawings has really given me new skills and creativity around handling backgrounds, using pattern to differentiate shapes and dropping in blacks.bus-guy-by-suzanne-forbes-2016

I saw this guy during the summer, on the bus that goes to the airport, then found the drawing and finished it just this week.

I’d like to talk more about my work, I’d like to offer more helpful insight into my process, I’d like to be more useful- but this year, this month, this week, it’s just more than I know what to do with right now. I managed to make art this month, and that took all the energy I had.

13 thoughts on “Unterweg Drawings Nr. 2- December!

  1. Pat Ketchum

    They are so “Neat and Tidy” right down to their shoelaces. Perhaps they are making plans for the New Year’s.

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