Unterwegs Nr. 5 – March bonus round!

Nice daddy by Suzanne Forbes March 23 2017

I have been making so many drawings it’s hard to keep up.

These two sweet daddies were encountered on different day trips to meet Daria someplace. I hope I conveyed their amazing love and tenderness. The one above was letting his daughter go boldly ahead, not constraining her. I had to redraw a lot very quickly to convey that his arm was extended, just barely keeping a delicate hold on her hood, not pulling her back towards himself.

clean chocolate baby March 17 2017 Suzanne ForbesThis dad had kinda greasy hipster hair but his child was immaculate, even though it was eating some kind of chocolate-covered biscuit.

I have never seen a child eat chocolate so neatly, and I have never seen a dad so thrilled to be riding the subway with his baby.

Unterweg March 11 2017 by Suzanne Forbes


And here is an unterweg drawing I like just because it’s so loose and fast!

You can see loads more unterwegs drawings if you like.





13 thoughts on “Unterwegs Nr. 5 – March bonus round!

  1. Louise

    Hey I really love your drawings 😀 We kinda met in the subway in Berlin a few days ago, I was (drunk) with my (drunk) friends, and you drew some of us aha. I’m looking forward to see this one 😀 Any ways, keep it up !!

    1. Suzanne Forbes Post author

      Thank you I’m so glad you like them! I will get the one of you guys up soon, I have a little backlog I am working through :))) thanks again for letting me draw you!

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