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Sadie Lune in Thistle and Spire, August 2020.

Sadie Lune in Thistle and Spire by Suzanne Forbes Aug 19 2020My first official Zoom portrait drawing session!

With actual poses, costume and a plan! Of course I picked longtime muse and collaborator Sadie Lune as my model. Sadie and I have worked together long enough, and I have drawn her so many times, that we could easily surpass the limitations and challenges of the Zoom platform and webcam logistics.

Sadie Lune in Thistle and Spire 2 by Suzanne Forbes Aug 19 2020I wanted to do something nice for the sex-positive, sex worker-positive boutique lingerie brand Thistle and Spire.

Thistle and Spire did so much for @thebswc during #whosallowedtomakemoney. They really put their brand on the line in allyship and solidarity with Black sex workers of the Black Sex Worker Collective, while the event was being heavily blocked on social media.

Sadie Lune in Thistle and Spire 3 by Suzanne Forbes Aug 19 2020I knew Sadie had their Medusa bodysuit, a gorgeous Art Deco snake design, in the teal color.

So I hired her for a Zoom drawing session wearing it. Sadie brought her majesty, her beauty, her own wonderful props, makeup and delicious Goth aesthetic.

Sadie Lune in Thistle and Spire 4 by Suzanne Forbes Aug 19 2020Sometimes you can actually tell I went to Parsons for fashion illustration back in 1984!

My inner fashion illustrator pops out when I feel relaxed and confident, as I do when working with Sadie. After I posted these drawings on my Instagram, my Beloved Never-Muse as well as other muses said they have or plan to get the Medusa bodysuit, so I’m gonna do a series!

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