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Berlin’s cutest gothic family!

Sadie Lune and Vampirina with Hearse Sept 28 2021 by Suzanne ForbesYou know how your kid likes to drive a toy car over you?

Team Supreme Sadie Lune, young Vampirina and I did this zoom portrait sitting back in last September, knowing Halloween is our time to shine!

Thanks to my Patreon Patrons, I just finished the last drawing!

As my health continues to deteriorate thanks to multiple autoimmune illnesses, it is the emotional, practical and financial support of my Patrons that keeps me going, making art.

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I have collaborated with Sadie so many times; she is an unfailing muse even in the hardest days. And her children are the coolest gothic angel demon babies in town.

You can see the rest of the drawings from this session here. You can learn about Sadie’s work on her (NSFW) website. And here’s her Insta, and her twitter . My insta is here!

Berliner Kinder: zoom-drawing the cutest Skeleton Zombie family in town!

Zombie Skeleton family of Berlin by Suzanne Forbes April 22 2021This was the first time I drew my friend Sadie Lune’s whole brood!

Her second child joined the family two years ago, and is seen here with a cherished Elmo. We had been planning a family portrait painting to begin last winter… but.

Instead, Sadie and Vampirina, the older sib, did a zoom modeling session for me at Halloween.

Zombie Skeleton family of Berlin on couch by Suzanne Forbes April 22 2021Then we organized this zoom posing session for the kids’ winter break in March.

Of course, whether kids can even go to kita, or go back to kita, is constantly in flux. Sadie has been able to take the kids to the country village home of a friend much of this last year, so they have had incredible experiences with nature and animals and wildlife. Her photos and videos of the lilacs blooming, the kids with ponies, and the German countryside have been incredibly sustaining to me as I have spent this year-and-change indoors.

Zombie Skeleton family of Berlin in graveyard by Suzanne Forbes April 22 2021Vampirina requested a graveyard background for one of the drawings.

I did my best! I am so grateful to know and love Sadie Lune and her brood, and her older child’s co-parents. You can see Sadie’s work and social here: website, insta, twitter. Drawing Sadie when she was pregnant with the younger here!


I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Queer Berlin while I work safely at home.