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Guest Pride Post: the Pride art of Victoria Aronoff!

Love is Love Art by Victoria Aronoff June 2020You know you love Pride Sloths and Pride Frogs!

My oldest friend, Victoria Aronoff, made a bunch of amazing Pride art with her son Brad.

Pride Sloth Art by Victoria Aronoff June 2020

Look at these adorable little slothies representing!

Pride frogs Art by Victoria Aronoff June 2020

And these fabulous frogs!

Luckily Victoria had Brad to help choose all the flags. Even I, a person living in Berlin and surrounded by an international community of radical young queers, don’t know a lot of the flags.

It’s good to get educated about flags, and it’s good to remember that PRIDE WAS A RIOT and LOVE IS LOVE. Happy Pride!

Happy Pride Art by Victoria Aronoff June 2020


Drawing portraits of young Berlin folx at queer art space Ludwig.

S at Ludwig Sept 7 2018 by Suzanne ForbesI went to our much-loved art hangout Ludwig on Friday for my friend Sue’s birthday.

Sue is an artist and curator and we have done lovely art events at Ludwig, however this time we were just checking out the current show and chilling. I made drawings of some friends who were there. S. was wearing their internal clitoris necklace from a local Berlin artist!

Super pleased with this likeness of E., who I was meeting for the first time.

E at Ludwig Sept 7 2018 by Suzanne ForbesAnd as always, incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, for making it possible for me to make portraits of these Berlin folx and share them. 

Ok not much else to say cause I got SO MANY drawings to finish and scan and post from the rest of this Big Gay Weekend!