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Two generations of Berlin gender-interrogation performers share the stage and double the power!

Bridge Markland with cigar Nov 17 by Suzanne ForbesI was so excited when I saw Bridge Markland would be performing with Buba Sababa!

Bridge, who’ve I have drawn many times, is an incredible icon of Queer Berlin, a Drag Queen/King and genderfuckery artist who has created decades of transgressive works. During the early quarantine days Bridge shared archived show ephemera like press, flyers and posters on Instagram. You can really see what a pioneering role she played in international gender performance theater.

Plus, she has created some of the strangest and most unnerving puppet shows you will ever see! And danced and written and taught and modeled for artists and so much more. Bridge celebrates 35 years on stage this year!

This show, queens + kings special with Bridge Markland + Buba Sababa, included multiple acts and reveals and so many sheddings of skin!

And Bridge shares the stage with generosity and grace, welcoming Berlin’s new generation of gender-play performers.

Buba Sababa Nov 17 by Suzanne ForbesSeeing Venus Boy Buba Sababa onstage with Bridge Markland was fantastic.

Buba Sababa is a radical talent, a fearless performer who really gets into it with the audience. In the drawing above you see Buba eating sweets and dancing to “Sugar Sugar” in macho persona, which was layered and intense. There was also a video collage piece spotlighting toxic masculinity which was hard to watch and yet heart-wrenching, and Buba dancing in femme mode in veils, and much more. Buba is part of the amazing Venus Boys, “a collective of Berlin based Drag performers who paint from the palette of performative masculinity”. I have drawn Buba before as well, and hope to draw Buba many times in the future.

In the chat people were saying things like “I feel like I should have paid 125 euros ticket for this and I don’t have any money” and “DED FOREVER DED”. It was a Tuesday night twitch show but it felt like we were in some prestigious theater watching an experimental show funded by Udo Kier. Seeing these two generations of Berlin gender-performance work and dance together was stunning.

queens + kings special with Bridge Markland + Buba Sababa was part of Camillo Queer Cinema Week, which is online this year. You can see the programm here. There are more events to come!

I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me work safely at home, documenting Berlin performers.

IRL drawings from the Queerberg/House of Royals Poke House takeover!

Prenz Emrah by Suzanne Forbes April 2020One of the last IRL drag shows I went to was Poke House/House of Presents at Monster Ronsons.

Gieza’s Poke House was having a takeover by House of Royals and the regal Mother of that House, Prens Emrah. It was the first time I drew and met Prenz Emrah, and that seems hard to imagine now, when their inspiration and creative power has become so precious to me.

House of Royals is the drag family of Queerberg Soli-party, a Soli Party with Refugee/ Migrant-PoC Queer performers. The folx of this house are so talented I can’t even begin to describe them. You gotta see for yourself.

You gotta watch Queerberg’s Don’t Rush brush drop. Some of the most beautiful, amazing and creative transformations I’ve ever seen.

Bubu Sababa at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Forbes April 10 2020That January night was also the first time I drew Buba Sababa!

How it is possible that there was a time before I knew and helplessly stanned Buba? I can’t even imagine. Buba Sababa is the future of cool, the future of gender. More Buba here!

Learn about Prens’ online NOW IRL! incredibly special, fully accessible, QT*I*BIPOC! (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour who are also Queer, Trans and/or Intersex ) bellydance workshop !!

Learn how to keep your oranges fresh here. Such a joy to watch and so happy that Prens holds a space for those of us who have limited mobility and dance from our chairs!

Keil Li Divõn at Monster Ronsons March 31 2020 finished Sept 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesUpdated Sept 10 with this drawing of the beautiful Keil Li Divõn !

Follow this pastel doll here :), listen here!

It’s so crucial to help Queerberg keep going in this time when the performers have lost their income from shows. Even small amounts matter. Most of the House/crew are refugees and asylum seekers, some of them folx who can’t safely express their true gender in the refugee housing where they live.

Here are all the Instagram accounts from the House of Royals Don’t Rush video; every one is a delightful follow.

Julie Dancer
Song by @haifamagick
Video by @kldivon

Like they say here,

“As refugees, we know exactly what “show must go on” means. And corona is no exception. We are blessed to have each other and the friends who are part of the crew. We cannot wait to come back more resilient, and more beautiful 😘 ”

كلاجئين، نعرف تماما ماذا يعني “العرض لازم يستمر”. والكورونا ليس استثناء. نحن محظوظين لانه لدينا بعضنا البعض والاصدقاء الذي شاركوا معنا. وبانتظار للرجوع كيف كنا واحسن.😘 !!

Mülteciler olarak, “şovun devam etmesi gerektiğini” tam olarak biliyoruz. Korona da buna dahil.
Birbirimize ve ekibin bir parçası olan arkadaşlara sahip olduğumuz için cok sansliyiz.
Daha güclü ve daha güzel geri dönmek için sabırsızlanıyoruz 😘