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The coolest Goths in town: Christina Corpse and Antina Christ!

Christina Corpse for Poke House and Pansys House of Presents livestream October 31 2020 by Suzanne ForbesI adore gorgeous gothic newlyweds Christina Corpse and Antina Christ.

They have the most creative style, the wildest performances, the sharpest aesthetic. Above is Christina from one of Gieza’s Poke House livestreams this past summer, when it seemed like Christina and Antina had a new mini-movie for every show. It took me forever to finish this drawing because I loved the performance so much, I wanted to live up to it! The movies these two spooky cuties made this year would be an art-house smash reel (when there are arthouses again; in Berlin, there will be).

Christina is a visual artist as well as performer and moviemaker, and does cartoons and illustrations for benefits and events in the drag community! Christina is married to Antina Christ, the Daughter of Seitan. (It never gets old, I still laugh every time I read it). They perform together as well as separately. You can see their adorable Coin-Operated Boy duet here in the archives of Christina’s shows!

Antina Christ for Pansys House of Presents livestream November 26 2020 by Suzanne ForbesAntina’s performances are all different.

This one was glitchy and mime-y. Mesmerizing! Antina is a legacy member of the House of Presents, and has performed many times; here are other drawings of her at Monster Ronsons and from the summer of livestreams.

Antina Christ at Pansys House of Presents November 26 2020 by Suzanne ForbesHere Antina read us a very moving piece about queerness and gender identity.

She always looks so pretty, with the most gorgeous hair and makeup (“Priestess from another planet, but make it ooky-spooky!” she describes it) and cutest dresses.

Antina Christ at Pansys House of Presents October 31 2020 by Suzanne ForbesThis was Antina’s Halloween show!

Halloween this year was the last IRL Poke House/House of Presents show at beloved Berlin clubhouse Monster Ronsons. Maybe the last ever, if things go badly. So I am very glad that it was a knockout of a show, and was livestreamed for accessibility. Antina did a slasher revue!

Antina’s regular Insta is here, her MUA account is here, and her website is here. Christina’s insta is here, her Youtube channel is here, and her graphic work is here. I am honored to share a community and a city with these incredibly multi-talented beauties.

I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me work safely at home, documenting Berlin performers.

The Streaming Drag Show Central Top-Off Post!

Noeline la Bouche for Pansys House of Presents by Suzanne Forbes Sept 10 2020Gieza’s Poke House and Pansy’s House of Presents returned to their home stage of Monster Ronsons this week.

So I am working on wrapping the drawings made from the livestreamed shows. I have lost track, despite my best efforts, of which night some of these drawings are from. There were five months of online shows, with a Poke House and House of Presents every single Tuesday!

I know the drawing above of eternal muse Noéline La Bouche was begun during late July or early August, and I just finished it today.

Cadbury Parfait for House of Presents by Suzanne Forbes Oct 25 2020Fabulous Patron and Muse Cadbury Parfait!

Drawn sometime this summer! Follow Cadbury here, and also her wonderful show Extravagant Shambles here.

Aubrey Wodonga for Giezas Pokehouse Pansys House of Presents October 27 2020 Suzanne ForbesLovely Aubrey Wodonga was so patient!

Finally getting their drawing up months later… check this professional circus queen out here!

Yvonne Nightstand for Pansys House of Presents July 14 2020 by Suzanne ForbesThis one, of hilarious Yvonne Nightstand, was done early in quarantine.

Possibly April?

I’ll be rounding other drawings from the livestreams here as I finish them.

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s international, intersectional drag and burlesque performers while I work safely at home.