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April 11 livestream portraits: The Beige Biitch, GodxNoirphiles and the Velvet Creepers!

The Beige Biitch April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesI have been drawing more than one livestream some nights!

Above, The Beige Biitch in a stream put on by radically inclusive performance center Sophiensaele.

Amazing performer GodX Noirphiles was a guest on the show and did a fantastic performance. I want you to know Godxxx, who is an enormously popular performer and Mother of drag house House of Living Colors, has lost all expected show income while they are pregnant so—

GodxNoirphiles for the Beige Biitch April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesFor fuck’s sake if you can, donate to the Doula Fund for this single trans boi mama!!

Above, my attempt to capture Godxxx’s piece. It was so beautiful and fascinating to try and draw a piece that had layering and texture and digital glitch, and started black and white and then transformed into color, and I had a great experience! Please check Godxxx’s Drag King Don’t Rush challenge, you will faint. Godxxx aka Adrian Blount is doing a Youtube series on Queer Birthing!

EDIT Jan 2120: GodXXXNoirphiles has a Patreon and you can support their art and the Queer Birthing series, which is a radical and historic project.

And you can give funds to help their baby have a lush nursery right here.

Nana Schewitz and Fifi Fantome livestreams for Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes April 11 2020Then, I popped over to The Velvet Creepers’ livestream!

Here’s Nana Schewitz guest hosting with Fifi Fantôme of the Velvet Creepers ! Fifi Fantôme is very active during quarantine and you can check out her Insta for when she is teaching and check out her Patreon for performance tips, art and treats! I don’t know why Fifi and Nana had heads on sticks but I liked the heads on sticks.

Muse Dunja von K did spooky hooping!

Dunja von K for Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes April 11 2020Dunja is teaching her famous hula hoop classes online!

You can get moving with her here.

Lilly Mortis for Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes April 11 2020And Lilly Mortis was a poignant, creepy vintage clown.

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s queer performers and release the art free to all, while I work safely at home.


Live-drawing The Velvet Creepers at Crack Bellmer!

Dunja as Black Widow at Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020I finally made it to a wonderful Velvet Creepers show at gorgeous Friedrichshain club Crack Bellmer!

I had had to cancel on these terrific performers TWICE before for health reasons, and I was so ready to document their Dark Cabaret beauty!! I mean, look at Dunja von K in latex and a black organza spiderweb bustle as a Black Widow – it doesn’t get any more insectalicious!

Lilly Mortis sings at Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020And so exquisitely Gothic!

Above, ethereal Lilly Mortis sings. I love the style of The Velvet Creepers!

It was the first test under field conditions of my new live-drawing technique combining watercolor brush pen with my usual pencil, markers, Faber Castell PITT artist’s pen and Tombow Dual brush pen. I sketched with the black watercolor brush pen quite a bit and I really liked it.

The drawing below of fabulous Creeper Fifi Fantôme dancing to “Just a Gigolo” was done almost entirely with watercolor brush pen. I’ve drawn Fifi before, as you can see here, and that drawing is quite different.

Fifi Fantome Gigolo dance at Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020I like the way the watercolor pen moves and feels!

I feel very free and easy using it. It’s especially great for hair and ellipses, as in the drawing of Dunja hooping below!

Dunja hooping at Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020I have drawn master hooper Dunja several times before.

You can see drawings of her from last year here and here.

Scotty the Blue Bunny at Velvet Creepers by Suzanne Forbes Feb 22 2020And of course there was the delightful MC, the one and only Scotty the Blue Bunny!

I have finally got a method of using color in my drawings that actually captures just how much Blue Bunny he is! Without Scotty the Blue Bunny Berlin’s burlesque scene would actually literally just fall apart and collapse! See his art, read his origin story in Playful Magazine!

I have another drawing in process, of two stylish hoopers who were in the audience, but as it has a good bit of background it will take a little longer to finish and I’ll get it up next month prolly.

I really, really loved the venue, Crack Bellmer, even though it is in Friedrichshain and even worse, in the legendary arts compound RAW, which is like Burning Man with (somewhat) more infrastructure and drug dealers, plus muddy cobbles. But Crack Bellmer is charming and cozy and reminds me of so many much-loved San Francisco and Oakland spaces of the Oughts. I would honestly go back there any time, even though it means hauling all the way across town.

Thanks so much to the Velvet Creepers for having me as a guest and making sure I had a comfortable space, drink tix and good light!

And thanks, always, to my Patrons on Patreon, who make it possible for me to document Berlin’s queer intersectional performance scene and release the artwork free to all.