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Friday May 29 : The Holy Cvnt Collective at Retramp and the Brazilian Bombshell Marie Devilreux!

Liliana Velasquez at Holy Cvnt Collective opening at ReTramp Gallery by Suzanne Forbes May 29 2020Liliana Velásquez is one of my most inspiring Berlin muses!

She does so much performing and producing all over town, and is so funny and fabulous. She was a longtime professional artist’s model in NYC; I have drawn her so many many times, and I will never tire of her. She was in serious docent mode as she guided the virtual opening of Holy Cvnt Collective’s show at Retramp Gallery in Neukölln.

Yagama at Retramp Gallery by Suzanne Forbes June 17 2020Here are Yagama and Katya Tasheva performing.

Beautiful to witness!

Growler at Retramp Gallery by Suzanne Forbes June 17 2020This is Growler.

Growler is is a 79 year old vulva from Dublin. She produced a stuffed beaver from her…beaver! I fucking LOVE Growler.

Marie Devilreux by Suzanne Forbes May 29 2020The fabulous Marie Devilreux!

I had drawn Ms. Devilreux before, at Torture Garden Berlin, and watched her performing from up close. So I felt confident I could do justice to her livestreamed performance of one of her most popular acts, the Titty Twister!

I drew the Retramp livestream, had dinner and a mini-rest, then drew Marie!

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