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DisabiliTease! An online burlesque show I loved so much.

Noeline la Bouche for Disabilitease by Suzanne Forbes May 28 2020I heard about Disabilitease from the feed of muse Noéline La Bouche, one of the performers.

You can see the drawing I made of her performance above. She is dancing in her apartment, doing one of my favorites of her routines. Noéline is so courageous in talking and sharing about disability in Berlin’s performance scene; she has helped producers understand that some of us have limitations and challenges but are still gonna show up as we can, and be amazing! Follow her here, site here, and my other Noéline drawings here, hereherehere here and here!

Little Peaches for Disabilitease June 21 2020 by Suzanne ForbesThis is Little Peaches!

Little Peaches is an international performer and producer and DisabiliTease is her baby. 18 months ago, a serious flare up of several of her medical conditions left her unable to dance. Being the stubborn renegade stripper that she is, Little Peaches grabbed her wheelchair and re-trained herself to dance with wheels! About booking performers with disabilities, she says:

Performers with disabilities are often overlooked for shows because they may need a little extra help when it comes to making the show accessible for them. That may be having wheelchair or walking aid access, assistance with travel, assistance to and from the stage to aid with visual impairments, BSL interpreters or a quiet space to retreat to if they are feeling overwhelmed. These little things can be surprisingly easy to put into place but more often than not, they aren’t.

She welcomed me very kindly to draw the show. She did an amazing routine!

Piggy Rox for Disablilitease by Suzanne Forbes June 21 2020Piggy Rox is so fierce!

I loved getting a chance to draw Roxy, a new-to-me performer.

Lady Phoenix for Disabilitease June 21 2020 by Suzanne ForbesLady Phoenix, trailing fire!

Lady Phoenix is another new-to-me performer, and she was marvelous!

I have some more drawings coming from this incredible, wonderful show; as I am trying to be kind and gentle with my own disabilities, it will be another week or so 🙂

I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me work safely at home.

As usual these drawings are licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) for all to share and enjoy!

In addition, I release the copyright on each drawing to the performer shown and they may use the drawings for their own profit and pleeeasssure in any way they choose.


An especially marvelous House of Presents livestream!

Martini for Pansys House of Present by Suzanne Forbes April 28 2020Some fabulous people performed for Gieza’s Poke House and Pansy’s House of Presents last Tuesday.

Favorite muses of mine and new-to-me stars. I was NOT planning to draw during the livestreams of Gieza’s Poke House and Pansy’s House of Presents, as my body is still jacked up from an autoimmune flare, but the performers were so gorgeous and inspiring I couldn’t fight the feeling. Above, breathtaking Martini Cherry Furter, who is a performer, Master of Ceremony, and all around muse. You can see the video capture of Martini’s Sade tribute here! Past Martini drawings here, here and here!

Giezzica Rabbit Poke for Poke House and Pansys House of Presents livestream April 28 2020 Suzanne ForbesGieza was Giezzica Rabbit, which slayed me.

I mean you gotta love the look! Follow Gieza on Insta here , start your Tuesday night drag odyssey here on her Twitch, and check out her website for so many cool things (there’s some fabulous looks on display as well as amazing projects!)

The Tuesday night drag show starts at 21:00 CET on Gieza’s Twitch stream, then switches (huh huh huh) effortlessly from Gieza’s to Pansy’s – you are carried along with an international crowd going WOOO in the chat! Join us!!

Mima for Poke House livestream April 28 2020 Suzanne Forbes

Above, the divine Mirna Habibi danced like a vision.

I adore bellydancers and have so much respect for the dancers I am coming to know through House of Presents on Tuesday nights. Many are queer refugees and asylum seekers who had to teach themselves to dance and cannot live in their true gender while in refugee housing.

Did you know sexypants charmer Prince Emrah has been doing bellydance workshops on Instagram? follow for news!

Alexander Cameltoe for Pansys House of Presents livestream April 28 2020 Suzanne ForbesIntergalactic Trash Prince Alexander Cameltoe!

A performer and silicon sculpting artist I adore and haven’t drawn nearly as often as I’d like to.

FKA for Pansys House of Presents livestream April 28 2020 Suzanne ForbesI had not drawn FKA before!

Such an amazingly sexy performance, in broad daylight in full drag in an isolated industrial part of Berlin. Follow here and listen to the FKA sound here.

Noeline la Bouche for Pansys House of Presents Suzanne Forbes April 28 2020And the last drawing but never, never least: my eternal inspiration Noéline la Bouche!

Gosh it was good to see Noéline, who is such a muse to me, dancing again. Even with the body censorship imposed by the streaming platform! Follow here, site here, and my other Noéline drawings here, here, here here and here!

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I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s queer performers and releasing the art free to all, while I work safely at home.

edited to add drawing of the glorious Luna TikTok, one of my favorites performers and one of the most gorgeous people in Berlin! which might be from this show, or from the previous week’s! It gets kinda blurry sometimes!Luna TikTok for Pansys House of Presents livestream April 14 2020 by Suzanne Forbes