GodXXX Noirphiles performs at Maxim Gorki Theater

GodXXX Noirphiles performs at Maxim Gorki Theater on June 18 2021 by Suzanne ForbesLast night GodXXX Noirphiles performed live at Maxim Gorki Theater!

Their performance was part of Hyenaz Hyenaz “Hyena Secretions” series. and the show was livestreamed on youtube. Hyena Secretions is part of “Pugs In Love – Queer Week” at the theater. I haven’t been to Maxim Gorki, but it looks cool as hell.

drawing GodXXX Noirphiles on June 18 2021 by Suzanne ForbesI so much admire GodXXX, and I am always so thrilled to see him perform.

I feel loose and wild when I draw her, and I take chances.

detail mixed media drawing of GodXXX Noirphiles June 18 2021 by Suzanne ForbesAs you can see, I used actual wire to represent their silver neck ornament!

I didn’t have/couldn’t find silver wire the right gauge, so I used my chrome marker on a piece of electrical wire! I punched holes in the drawing to attach it! It looks cool 🙂

GodXXX Noirphiles has a Patreon and you can support their art!!

He/she/they are posting incredible new work, like this video on Precolonial Black Queer and Trans History and their groundbreaking Queer Birthing Series. You can help support this new parent, House of Living Colors mama, and powerful creative! Linktree here, Insta here!

I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me work safely at home, documenting Berlin performers.

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