The Vampire Baby Jesus portrait sitting, with Sadie Lune and Vampirina!

Sadie Lune and Vampirina with Hello Kitty by Suzanne Forbes Oct 24 2020Yeah, we knocked this one outta the park!

Team Supreme Sadie Lune, young Vampirina and I set up this zoom portrait sitting back in September, knowing Halloween is our time to shine!

Sadie Lune and Vampirina Pieta by Suzanne Forbes Oct 24 2020The Vampire Baby Jesus Pieta was Sadie’s idea.

Brilliant, right? Vampirina is holding one of my Alien Venus Flytrap plants, specially made for her a while back.

Sadie Lune and Vampirina 1st pose by Suzanne Forbes Oct 24 2020Vampirina was reading a “Goosebumps” book.

This was the first pose we did, and Vampirina requested that I make the background “old and scary”. There may be a couple more drawings from this sesh coming 🙂

I have collaborated with Sadie so many times; she is an unfailing muse even in the hardest days. You can learn about her work on her (NSFW) website. And here’s her Insta, and her twitter .

other Sadie Lune collabs:

Sadie in Thistle and Spire

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Book release party for “As You Wish, my Lady” – NSFW

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Diptych portrait of Sadie Lune and Jo Pollux

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