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Live-drawing Hungry’s first ever live twitch stream!

Hungry first twitchstream by Suzanne Forbes March 6 2021I am of course a huge fan of Berlin superstar Hungry.

I have drawn her from life, at Bushwig Berlin in 2019, and from her Insta Live.

So when she teased to her Patreon Patrons (I’ve been a Patron from the first day!) that she was gonna do a twitch stream for the first time, I had to draw it.

It is absolutely fascinating to watch Hungry do a face.

Hungry first twitchstream by Suzanne Forbes March 6 2021 detailThe way she uses organic forms and color to transform the planes and features of her beautiful, symmetrical face is mesmerizing.

I love the way she moves her eyes visually, with effects like this white eye-liner false waterline and lashes. She lays on areas of color or shadow and they become something totally unexpected!

Since twitch streams stay up for two weeks, you can watch the magic yourself- I highly recommend the experience!

However, I struggled with her likeness this time. I did an initial take on the structure of her face and felt I’d gotten it wrong. Of course, as I was drawing, Hungry’s features moved in and out of prominence, eyebrows glued down, lips being covered with foundation, and so on, but that wasn’t a problem last time.

This is the rough I discarded; looking at it now I think it was better than the structure from my second try!Hungry first twitchstream rough draft by Suzanne Forbes March 6 2021

But that’s portraiture; you do it and do it to get better, and you draw the same people over and over to learn how to draw them, and that’s the process.

As Sargent said, “A portrait is a picture with a little something wrong with the mouth.”

I was able to spend two hours on the twitch stream drawing and documenting this unique Queer Berlin artist because of my Patreon Patrons. Thank you, so much!

Drawing Hungry, redux!

Hungry from livestream by Suzanne Forbes April 15 2020Is she Hungry?

She IS Hungry! I drew Hungry last summer when I was a guest of Bushwig Berlin, and I got to meet her and see her incredible beauty up close. A total thrill! Working on the drawing afterward, trying to get her face right underneath the makeup and appliance, I really studied her facial structure; I had a lot of mental information stored.

Hungry from livestream start by Suzanne Forbes April 15 2020So when she went on livestream to do a makeup tutorial last night, I felt confident I could do a meaningful drawing.

I finished the drawing at the top, from the stream, when her makeup was only half done, to focus on her features. The one above is the first one I did, like a warm-up. Hungry has a mullet now! A wonderful spiky feathery mullet, it’s an absolutely terrific cut. She said who cut it but I missed it. An unfortunate artifact of drawing from the screen is that her face came out slightly assymmetrical, when in life she is perfectly symmetrical. I haven’t learned yet how to hold my sketchbook and position my body when drawing from the screen. But I still like the drawings!

The livestream was so fun to watch, to see such complex makeup come to life. Hungry has a Patreon now, since she hasn’t been able to work and won’t be able to for who knows how long, and this kind of mesmerizing watching will be part of it.

And for me, I was able to spend two hours on the livestream drawing and documenting this unique Queer Berlin artist because of my Patreon Patrons. Thank you, so much!

Here’s the drawing from last summer!Hungry at Bushwig Berlin Sept 4 2019 by Suzanne Forbes