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Pride, Not Prejudice: an all-queer Extravagant Shambles at Monster Ronsons!

Eden Lost at Extravagant Shambles Pride Not Prejudice August 27 2019 by Suzanne ForbesThe minute producer Cadbury Parfait announced a Pride Week show with an all queer-identifying lineup, I was in!

I love to go to shows at iconic venue Monster Ronsons, even though it’s on the absolute opposite side of town (and of course in the summer getting to the East is a nightmare because U-Bahn construction). Because, a) the place just feels like home, and b) Ronsons actually has some shitty air-conditioning, which puts it WAY ahead of basically every other venue in Berlin. And Pride, Not Prejudice was a can’t-miss Extravagant Shambles lineup!

Above, Eden Lost shakes off the patriarchy.

Eden Lost is one of those performers who just blows my mind. They have the kind of star power and gorgeousness that comes off the stage in waves. I was so thrilled to meet them and have been following their adventures on the Insta, where I just saw they cosplayed 80’s Punk Storm!!! You must click!!! So good I am basically rolling around on the floor SHRIEKING.

Sarah Tonin at Extravagant Shambles Pride Not Prejudice Aug 27 2019 by Suzanne ForbesHostess Sarah Tonin as a seven-foot tall Gothic Lolita in mint and black outfit by Harry Hardon.

HP Loveshaft at Pride Not Prejudice July 27 2019 by Suzanne ForbesThere was a terrific showing of local drag kings.

Above, gentleman dandy HP Loveshaft bringing hard thrills! (My Patrons got to see these two hot drag king portraits a month earlier than everyone else, as an exclusive treat).

Daddy Sparkles at Pride Not Prejudice July 27 2019 by Suzanne ForbesAnother fabulous performer I was drawing for the first time, Daddy Sparkles!

Daddy Sparkles is an explosion of colorful charisma!

Stella von Fersen at Extravagant Shambles Pride Not Prejudice Aug 27 2019 by Suzanne ForbesStage Kitten Stella Von Fersen wore one of my favorite classic cabaret looks, tux and topper!

Betty Fvck at Extravagant Shambles Pride Not Prejudice August 29 2019 by Suzanne ForbesEveryone loves glamour queen Betty Fvck, she always brings her A game!Miss Strawberry Moon at Extravagant Shambles Pride Not Prejudice August 29 2019 by Suzanne ForbesMiss Strawberry Moon came over from the UK!

You know I love me some tentacles, and Pride flag tentacles, well hell yes!!!!

Coming soon, more drawings with breathtaking Lily Lustre, genderqueer Harry Potter cosplay from Skirt Vonnegut, and rock’em sock’em showgirl Felicity Felicis!

An important note to all my lovelies: I’m at home finishing all these drawings while I have a horrible case of strep throat AND bronchitis.

As a fat, queer, disabled artist, crowdfunded support is the only way I can make this work. 

You can join my Patreon Patrons, for as little as a dollar/euro a month, to keep me working and releasing my documentary art of Queer Berlin as Free Art.

Painting Cadbury Parfait, second sitting.

It’s been a busy summer for performer/producer Cadbury Parfait, and I’ve been sick an awful lot, so it took a while to schedule our second sitting.

It went great though!

Portrait of Cadbury Parfait second sitting by Suzanne Forbes August 21 2019Cadbury is a total professional and working with her is terrific.

The painting is coming along very well.

I have a new tool, a USB-powered LED light bar with multiple color temperatures.

It replaces the bulky, expensive full-spectrum OTT-Lites I used in the US, which I donated to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse when we left for Berlin. My new light has LED bulbs and is much lighter and smaller. It’s working great, and was super cheap.

Cadbury’s next Berlin solo show as a performer is at Zum Starken August on August 31.

And this Fall there is gonna be a fantasy-themed Extravagant Shambles, which I’m super excited about!