Drawing Dornika at Adenauerplatz!

Dornika by Suzanne Forbes Oct 26 2021Another wonderful meet and draw session, with incredibly talented Dornika!

I first drew Dornika in 2020, during an online show. I was captivated by their charm and stage presence, and started following her work.

I was excited to discover Dornika‘s developing body of music, music teaching, and their amazing dancing, as well as her visual art. (link there to support their work!)

This summer Dornika released their gorgeous body love anthem “Fatbulous” and performed it onstage around Berlin.

I would have given my left tit to be at one of these shows, and my tits are very nice! Next year, I hope!


Dornika by Suzanne Forbes Oct 26 2021 detailI learn so much about how to live in my fat body and how to be a femme in this world from how Dornika talks about embodiment.

Her wisdom is so important to me, and I’m so grateful to have a chance to know this young Berliner!

We met up at Adenauerplatz and talked while I made this drawing. It’s a very straightforward portrait, but a good likeness, and I hope to draw more dynamic full-bodied performance pictures next year!

Dornika had just come from costume fitting, and the following week directed their first film!!

*update: Dornika’s finished their film Dream Dwellers! It premiered at Schwules Museum in November. You can watch Dream Dwellers for free on the queer anti-capitalist platform Realitytvwow, right here!

Dornika online:

Manyfacedgodx performing insta

Own Your Voice music teaching insta

Dornika on Soundcloud

Fatbulous on bandcamp with lyrics!

Fatbulous on Spotify

Fatbulous on Youtube music

Dornika in Acid Mermaid Jewelry by Suzanne Forbes Oct 23 2021I paid Dornika for posing in my Acid Mermaid Jewelry, and here is a selfie they took wearing it, plus an awesome story.

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