Funky holiday guys! Including my hubbin :)

Dan at the holiday party Dec 13 2018 by Suzanne ForbesThe theme for my hub’s work holiday party was “Funky” this year.

He asked if he had an outfit for that. I told him to look in his dress clothes wardrobe, where he discovered the delirious galactic tentacle shirt I purchased for him this summer. He was pleased.

I absolutely love the people at the company he works for. After years of exploitation by despicable startup scumbags in the Bay, this is our fourth holiday party celebrating with a company that cares about their employees. I wasn’t feeling strong enough to do nearly as much drawing as I usually do, but I got this one lovely moment.

Funky guys dancing at the holiday party Dec 13 2018 by Suzanne ForbesI’m so grateful for our lives here.

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