Tango dancers and more, from an amazing holiday party at TangoLoft Berlin.

Holiday party drawings by Suzanne Forbes Dec 14 to 22 2017My husband works for a wonderful company.

And every year the company throws a really terrific holiday party. (They throw parties all year, actually, but the December one is the fanciest!).

Tango dancers at Tango Loft Berlin by Suzanne Forbes Dec 22 2017The venue is always super cool, the food is always FANTASTIC, the music and entertainment is great.

This year’s party was at TangoLoft Berlin, which is soooooo beautiful! They had some of their tango dancers do a demonstration for us, above – I hadn’t drawn the tango in over a decade, and I had to hustle to get it going! Did you know the tango is hugely popular in Berlin?

M and team holiday party Dec 14 2017 by Suzanne ForbesH and I dancing at holiday party Dec 14 2017 by Suzanne ForbesThe theme was 1920s so lots of the guys wore suspenders and bowties, which is a great look!

I actually cried with happiness while I was drawing at one point during this party, because I am so incredibly grateful that my hard-working guy works for good people after all the evil startup asshats he worked for in the Bay.*R and S dancing at holiday party by Suzanne Forbes Dec 14 2017

Guest at holiday party by Suzanne Forbes Dec 15 2017Dj Steven at holiday party by Suzanne Forbes Dec 14 2017

smoker at holiday party Dec 14 2017 by Suzanne ForbesWe had a delightful time, as always, and I drew Steven twice because he’s so handsome. My husband danced quite a bit, on his new cyborg body part, and it was just beautiful to see.

The Tango Loft folks were super kind and the food, which was 90% vegan, came out of the small kitchen in smooth waves of scrumptiousness. We had roast goose, and it was SO good!

There was a smoking lounge, which I visited several times to enjoy the pleasure of vicarious smoking. The cigarette holder seen here was antique, a telescoping brass thing of great elegance.

Dancing coders holiday party Dec 14 2017 by Suzanne ForbesCheck out the fabulous Dancing Dev Team!

This was after the big “Despacito” sing-along. I was not familiar with Despacito, but apparently it was THE hit of the summer! There was also dancing to The Spice Girls song that has that line about family, idk? I kinda missed the whole Spice Girls thing. Anyway, we had a fabulous time.

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*Here is a story I will not stop telling until work/life balance changes in the US. In 2012 my hub and I had gone to the East Coast for Christmas to visit our families. We were at his parents’ house on Christmas Eve when his boss at the tech startup called him to ask him a question about the server. And hung up without saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. Jesus forgive me, I hated that fucking guy so much, and I hated that my man had to work for him and be exploited by him so we could have health insurance. Pretty much every conversation my hub and I have about his work here ends with, “We’re in Germany, thank God.”

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