June unterweg drawings!

Transit doggy by Suzanne Forbes June 26 2017Here’s some of the drawings I’ve made while travelling about Berlin this month.

In Berlin, where dogs are allowed on the subway at all times, dogs understand about missing or catching the train. They actually hustle to get to the doors before they close. Which I find just amazing.

Maps by Suzanne Forbes May 31 2017There are maps on the ceiling of the subway cars, which is sensible!

I am doing so much experimenting with tone, pattern and value areas in these unterwegs. They are my safe space to expand my style and way of documenting things.

Suitcase by Suzanne Forbes June 15 2017This drawing was made from a quick mental snapshot.

I glimpsed this woman wearing the HELL out of a jersey wrap dress, with great hair style, as she hustled for the M10 in Friedrichshain. I was going to the U1, and I got on the train and then realized I had no pencil or even a ballpoint for the sketch I usually do before putting down ink. However I did have a white conte crayon stick and I used that to quickly rough in the gesture and forms. You can see the faint traces of white lines if you look carefully. I could have pimped it up later with background and tone and white highlights, but I just liked the simple lines so much.

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8 thoughts on “June unterweg drawings!

    1. Suzanne Forbes Post author

      There are funny rules too- a dog over a certain size has to have a TICKET! But not an adult ticket, some kind of child’s ticket I think. And big dogs are supposed to wear muzzles, but I’ve only seen that once or twice. Actually almost everybody ignores the dogs completely, because it’s not polite in Germany to interact with a stranger’s dog, just like you don’t interact with stranger’s children. But *I* enjoy the doggies and am always surprised by them!

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