Unterweg Drawings Nr. 4 – March!

Berlin clarinetists by Suzanne Forbes March 3 2017Lots of amazing unterweg drawing opportunities already this month!

These clarinet guys were reconstructed from a glimpse while my train was stopped at the platform they were on. I focused on details like their different styles of coat, their backpacks behind them, their hairstyles- so I not only didn’t get the specifics of the station, I don’t remember what station it was!

Accordionists at Yorckstrasse by Suzanne Forbes March 1 2017

Me and Daria went to a cafe in a cemetery, and it was the most wonderful place you could ever imagine.

I’m not telling which one, cause it’s too precious. When we left we saw these accordionists in the station, and she got on her train but I stayed to draw them. Using the set of grayscale markers I received as a 50th b-day gift from a beloved friend-muse-Patron has been so fun and rewarding.

Longboard by Suzanne Forbes March 1 2017Me and Daria went to Modulor, the legendary amazing Berlin art supply store. They have EVERYTHING. It is a terrible, evil place, just as she had warned me. We were running around saying “Bad, this is bad,  yes it is a bad place.” “Ok I just need this one more thing-” “Of course this too-”

Also the cafe there, Rock-Paper, has fantastic American style chocolate chip cookies. Better than serviceable Snap (which luckily has just opened a branch in our U-Bahn station), better than decent Scoom, even better than quite good Shakespeare and Sons. If you are in Berlin and your heart is aching for a real, American, gosh damm actual chocolate chip cookie, you should go to Rock-Paper.

On the way there and I back I drew this guy with the longest longboard I had seen since the early 80s. He said it was 1.4m.

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar!


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