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Live-drawing the Zoom wedding reception of a Beloved Friend-Muse-Patron!

Shakrah and Leander zoom wedding reception by Suzanne Forbes April 24 2021My friend Shakrah got married at the courthouse here in Berlin, with immediate family only.

And her band, who showed up to play a surprise socially distanced number to the newlyweds! Of course the courthouse was a huge beautiful stone castle! It was a freezing cold day but Shakrah and L. looked incredibly chic and elegant as they danced outside.

Shakrah during her wedding reception by Suzanne Forbes March 20 2021Shakrah’s style is 1920s and she was an absolute Deco Belle!

Of course I wish I could have been with her.  But we do what we can to honor our loved ones as things are. I am so glad I got to see her in her wedding dress and watch her and her husband L. cut their cake.

You can see more portraits of Shakrah here, here, here and here!

You can hear Shakrah singing vintage jazz here!

New Portraits of friends!

Portrait of Shakrah Yves at Ballhaus Berlin By Suzanne Forbes May 31 2019My friend Shakrah Yves, dressed in emerald velvet at the Jews!Jews!Jews! show of Berlin Burlesque Week.

I had to sneak this portrait of her as she chatted with a friendly gay boy from Oz, because she looked so luminous. we went for Thai food beforehand and she looked like a movie star, I was like oh la lala, just havin some iced tea with my friend the movie star.

This is done in pastels, gel pens and other mixed media on Strathmore Toned Gray paper.

I love this paper but it’s too big for my scanner so I have to photograph the drawings and with their complex, mixed pigment surfaces they are hard to photograph. I am gonna have get a bigger scanner sometime soon!

Lady with a baby May 9 2019 by Suzanne ForbesLady with a Baby

My friend S. with her little one, just a few weeks old. She has the most amazing kids. Seriously, the most amazing, beautiful, strong, full-of-identity from birth kids. I saw this one in the hospital and he was already right there. And the older kid- her glamour, character and self-possession are already legend among the Berlin demi-monde! “I saw her having lunch with Peaches one day, when she was just five years old”, someone whispered at a party. We are planning a portrait of mama and older child later this year.

This work, of making a record of the people I know, and telling the story of a moment in their lives – I cannot think of anything I am better suited to do, or any task more honorable.

I am so deeply grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose financial support makes it possible.