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ValentIllness hashtag and a finally finished textile art project!

Suzanne Forbes in pink and red textile art vest February 2024What on Earth is ValentIllness??

red tops for Chronic Illness Awareness on Valentillness DayIt’s a chronic illness hashtag & selfie idea for Valentines from Long Covid activists @desertdracula and @mamasitaa__ /Seets.

I saw their posts on twitter on Feb. 14 and decided to quickly jump in with this picture.

I was wearing a red top already, which makes a difference in energy calculations for people with Energy Limiting Chronic Illness!


I got my husband to take these pictures today, which show off the vest a little better. It’s very pretty!

Suzanne Forbes pink and red textile art vest February 2024I’d been working on this textile arts vest for a year.

Lying on the couch sewing is pretty much the only “fun” (as opposed to drawing, which is work) creative activity I can do anymore. I have had terrible pain in my hips/butt for over a year, which makes sitting up at the craft table too painful even when I am strong enough to sit up.

I saw a bone doc and had a hip MRI last winter, but then didn’t follow up on it, as my pain drastically improved during my Shingrix vaccine and antiviral remission last spring. It came back in the Fall.

The dull, burning, constant pain is so bad now it takes my breath away sometimes. It’s probably sciatica, or other nerve related pain.

I really need to get on it, and the doctor is one of the nearest to us, but it’s really hard, because I can only do at most one thing involving other people a week, and leave the house once a week at the very very most.

And I already have so many doctor visits booked for the next three months!

Plus, the pelvis bone doctor is one of the most ignorant and gaslighty about Covid. I was sitting in her office waiting last January, in my prescription goggles and FFP3 mask, and I opened the window for ventilation. When she came in, she promptly closed it. She said, “I don’t want to get a cold from being cold.” Honestly, how can you trust a doctor who doesn’t know that colds come from viruses?

We are in hell, and doctors and Surgeon Generals are fanning the flames.

Sorry to end on a bummer!

A Rod of Asclepius with a friendly embracing snake, in hopes of healing.

Rod of Asclepius embroidery artwork by Suzanne Forbes completed Sept 2021The Rod or Staff of Asclepius is a symbol of medicine and healing.

A snake twines around a wooden staff, borne by Asclepius. The Greek god Asclepius was sacred to physicians; his daughters include Hygieia, Panacea, Aceso and Iaso, all associated with healing and recuperation.

In Germany, you see the Rod of Asclepius everywhere on medical facilities. Our doctor has a logo that uses the Berliner Fernsehturm (TV tower) as the rod!

The Caduceus, with two snakes, is often used instead, mistakenly.

Rod of Asclepius embroidery artwork by Suzanne Forbes Sept 2021This is the first snake embroidery I‘ve ever made!

Sewn with love and attention and hope for healing onto deaths-head moth and roses velvet fabric from a Killstar dress I bought to cut up and make creepy things from 🙂

Rod of Asclepius embroidery artwork by Suzanne Forbes Sept 2021 detail