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Flower Mantis Embroidery Art!

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes September 30 2020This is a new approach for me, embroidery-wise.

I decided from the go to cover the entire surface of this piece in embroidery, rather than using the background color of the fabric as part of the composition.

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes work in progress 1For fabric I used the voluminous white muslin gown that came with my Sideshow Bride of Frankenstein doll.

I’ve been cutting it up and using it for years, it’s the only piece of white fabric in our house! (You can see the custom burlesque outfit I made for the doll to wear instead here.)

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes work in progress 2I drew the mantis and roughly sketched in the background.

I didn’t plan the colors beyond a sense that the mantis would be in oranges and pinks. I don’t usually have much of a plan for embroidery pieces; I just start and keep going.

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes work in progress 3I have some very pretty green and orange embroidery thread that was sent to me by Berlin artist Mareike Suensson.

I always appreciate the gift of art supplies! As usual I used at least two dozen colors of thread, and I was happy to make use of some random dusty and blackish greens left over from my heavily beaded and embroidered Green Woman corset, back in 2017.

flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes Sept 30 2020 detailIt took about forty hours to completely cover the surface with embroidery.

Some people could do it much faster, but I like to go easy on my wrist! I stained the hoop pale green and trimmed the border with purple micro-trim. I am pleased with the result!flower mantis embroidery by Suzanne Forbes September 30 2020 border

The mantis is a fundraiser for a US friend who is in big trouble. It’s a 200 euro donation to the friends’ paypal plus shipping. Email me if you’re interested!

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Project roundup: some things I’ve been working on!

Projects by Suzanne Forbes March to May 20 2020As usual, I have lots of small bricolage and embroidery projects going, so here’s a roundup!

Motto of EG embroidered by Suzanne Forbes WIP May 2020My Beloved Friend-Muse-Patron Eva said something on twitter I thought made good sense, so I embroidered it as a motto.

On bug fabric of course! It was my first time embroidering text, which is harder than you’d think. I tried two new things.

First, I printed the text on regular paper and used my new LED lightbox to project it through the light cotton fabric. Then, when the piece was finished, I sprayed the hell out of both sides of it with craft fixativ.

Motto of EG embroidered by Suzanne Forbes May 2020On the rare occasions when I’ve done a piece this big, I have had problems with the fabric warping or wrinkling. Especially the big cotton octopus. So I am hoping the craft fixativ, which is an acrylic film, will help prevent moisture from making the fabric stretch.

If you would like to see truly excellent embroidering of (often salty) text mottos, visit my SIL Caitlin’s Insta.

Sacred Heart Bricolage by Suzanne Forbes May 2020 Sacred heart embroidery bricolage!

Sacred Heart Bricolage detail by Suzanne Forbes May 2020I used a commercial heart appliqué as the base and sewed it onto velvet, then heavily re-embroidered it all and added crystals, beads and red plastic pearls from a New Orleans bead string with a lobster on it that had been in my materials stash for decades.

I like to make Sacred Hearts every year, because they are such a powerful symbol of faith. I guess I need a lot of faith this year, cause this is the second one I’ve made so far and it’s only May!


Dragonfly pillbox hat!dragonfly pillbox hat Suzanne Forbes march 2020

No filter, the colors are actually that bright.

I had had this dragonfly floating around in my crafts supplies for at least ten years, getting bent up and dusty. I rescued it, rehabilitated it, studded it with jewels, and attached it to this bright blue commercial pillbox base. I happened to have ordered some hat veiling with velvet dots and some purple pompom trim that all matched perfectly. It all came together delightfully and I really look forward to wearing it outside at some point, Goddess willing.

More bricolage projects coming soon, with a VERY wild insect dolly and her bird-horse steed, when I go on Make-Cation on May 20 🙂