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Once and Future Queer Berlin: Chez Pansy is coming, if we help!

Mixed media drawing. Berlin drag producer Pansy performs at the inaugural Ringelpiez Berlin show at Theatre des Westens by Suzanne Forbes Aug 22 2023It already seems like a dream that this happened.

Last year, legendary Berlin drag producer Pansy co-directed a performance program and hosted monthly drag parties called Ringelpiez at Berlin’s historic Theater des Westens. But that beautiful showcase for Queer Berlin was abruptly ended as German culture began to shut down, censor and cancel all over.

Now, Pansy is making a new sanctuary for Berlin queers!

Berlin drag producer and host Pansy at the Theater Des Westens. Pansy, a white drag queen, wears an elaborate gown and stands in the beautiful foyer of the Theater.

Chez Pansy is coming, if we all help to make it happen!

At a time when creative and community sanctuary and a privately funded venue with new queer jobs is desperately needed, Chez Pansy will provide both. And Pansy has confirmed that Chez Pansy will have disability access and a disabled bathroom, incredibly rare and not required by law in Berlin.

Nana Schewitz performs at Ringelpiez Berlin by Suzanne Forbes Nov 6 2023Above, Berlin superstar Nana Schewitz performing at the inaugural Ringelpiez party by Pansy, last summer.

A few months later Jews! Jews! Jews!, the gloriously cheeky and openhearted variety revue Nana co-produces with Lolita Vavoom, had their Hanukkah show canceled by the scheduled venue. Creative life, community and funding in Germany is being shut down at a terrifying speed.

I’m so glad I was able to go to one of Pansy’s drag shows at Theater des Westens IRL.

Pansy made sure I had an extremely comfortable chair, and I got to be photographed by my dear friend, colleague and Patron Daniel Paikov.

The opportunity to draw all these marvelous performers in a beautiful, luxurious, grown-up venue seems hard to imagine now. But it can happen again.

Below, lovely Lola Rose brought magic to the Theater des Westens.

Eternal Muse Lola, so happy to draw her IRL again!

You can find Miss Lola Rose on Insta and my drawings of Lola Rose here.

Drawing of Akynos, a curvacious Black femme, performing at Pansy's Ringelpiez Berlin by Suzanne Forbes Aug 24 2023Akynos is always a pleasure to draw.

She burned up the dance floor! To follow The Incredible, Edible Akynos:  linktree and Insta and twitter, get on her Patreon, and see previous drawings I’ve made of her here!

Ixa Psyborg djs at Pansy's Ringelpiez Berlin by Suzanne Forbes July 26 2023Beautiful Ixa Psyborg dj’ing under the pink lights in the glittering Theater des Westens foyer.

I always love to draw Ixa. Their Pink Noize album is on bandcamp here.

Missteak, a plus size nonbinary person, performs at the inaugural Ringelpiez Berlin show at Theatre des Westens by Suzanne Forbes Aug 22 2023First time drawing the wonderful Miss Steak!

Such a great performer. Their piebald cow suit of velcro flesh parts and their interactive performance with it is fantastic.

Daniel Paikov’s beautiful photos of this show start here. I loved this show, and I am so grateful for my Patrons’ support, which made it possible for me to document it. You can help me keep working, here.

As public funding for the arts collapses in Germany, we will need to fund it ourselves.

Let’s start with Chez Pansy. The GFM is closing on 20% of its goal.

A portrait sitting with Ixa Psyborg, multi-talented Berlin music creator!

Ixa at Adenauerplatz Nov 10 2021 by Suzanne ForbesWhat a joy it was to spend time drawing Ixa!

We met on Adenauerplatz, near my home, and sat outside in the Fall air talking for hours. I gave them the mask/headpiece I made them and it fit perfectly! We had so much to talk about, with our shared love of alien technology, Kirby Krackle and futuristic urban glam.

Ixa at Adenauerplatz Nov 10 2021 by Suzanne Forbes detail Ixa’s new EP “Androidgyne” had just dropped that week, and it is SO GOOD.

It’s incredibly exciting to see a creator developing their rich powers like this. Check out Ixa’s new music video for “Codex” on Youtube, Codex streaming on soundcloud, and  “Androidgyne” on Bandcamp. You will be glad you did.

I so look forward to drawing Ixa performing their new music live, in their fantastic alien cyborg style and cybernetic bodypaint. Meanwhile, you can see some clips here! My previous drawing of Ixa is here.

This is Ixa’s new video “Demi Urge”.

You can also see Ixa perform at the recent CTMFestival “Queers in Concert” show held at flagship Berlin queer club Schwuz. Their blacklight body paint is by artist Eva Schumy.

Also, Ixa appears in the debut film by Dornika, “Dream Dwellers”, which premiered at Schwules Museum last night!

You may remember Dornika AKA ManyFacedGodx from this drawing session, which happened right after costume fitting for Dream Dwellers. You can watch Dream Dwellers for free on the queer anti-capitalist platform Realitytvwow, right here! Also, Ixa is a contestant in the Mx. Kotti Drag Pageant November 19th!

This is Ixa’s bio:

Ixa is a DJ, drag performer, performance artist, and self-proclaimed cyborg from a race of bioluminescent extraterrestrial creatures with Nubian features booming in speakers. Their psychedelic music combines elements of loud, digital distortion incorporating idm and industrial, with trap/hip hop at the core. Their new EP ANDROIDGYNE, released in August, begins with a conceptual premise of the rendering of a liquid rainbow anomaly into their native form as Ixa. In order to survive the planet’s atmospheric conditions, they have begun searching for Earthly technology to fuse with their body.

I am such a fan and so glad to know this preternatural galactic being as a friend.

Portrait session thanks to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.

With your support, I can work from home or safely outside and keep telling the stories of Berlin.