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A virtual visit to Dr. Sketchy London and Life Drawing with Berlin Strippers Collective!

Sebastian Angelique for Dr Sketchys London by Suzanne Forbes Sept 20 2020I caught the livestream of the London branch of Dr. Sketchy’s for the first time this month.

I had seen the model Sebastian Angelique perform for an online burlesque show and had been too tired to draw him that night. So I was thrilled to catch this dual online/IRL session. I very much appreciate that many events are continuing to stream as they return to IRL – it is wonderful to have access even though I am immunocompromised and can’t go out!

Plus I get to see charming venues like Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club! Sebastian modeled in his newly created St. Sebastian act costume (the arrows are paintbrushes!) and the show was hosted by his bf Dusty Limits, who I had drawn years ago in Berlin at the Vaudeville Variete show. Dr. Sketchy London is quite different from my late and dearly beloved Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin. It’s a playful cabaret vibe, with Dusty charming everyone and encouraging relaxation and fun.

You can get your tickets here!

Chiqui Love for Berlin Strippers Collective x Sketcherei by Suzanne Forbes Sept 6 2020I also “visited” a Berlin-based dual IRL/livestream drawing session this month.

Berlin Strippers Collective had an IRL life drawing event at 800a in Wedding, and the wonderful folks Alexandra and Liana of Sketcherei handled the live-streaming. You can check out BSC life drawing events here!

Chiqui Love gestures for Berlin Strippers Collective x Sketcherei by Suzanne Forbes Sept 6 2020I always love to draw Chiqui Love!

The scheduled model was delayed by a classic Berlin transit snafu, and Chiqui stepped in to model. She is a joy to draw.

I’m so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to keep working and practising as an artist, and to support artists’ models!


An evening with the BSC and the ELSC! Life drawing with strippers!

Sasha Diamond for East London Strippers Collective by Suzanne Forbes August 24 2020I was so excited about the first IRL/streaming hybrid session of the Berlin Strippers’ Collective life drawing!

The model was Akynos, an incredible Berlin talent who I love to draw. And then, The East London Strippers’ Collective Life Drawing group announced that Sasha Diamond was their model, for the same night!

And I have been wanting to draw Sasha, an amazing teacher and performer, for ages! That’s Sasha above, in rainbow wig and outfit. She has the best moves! Life drawing with strippers is wonderful because pole dancers are incredible, graceful athletes.

Akynos for Berlin Strippers Collective x Sketcherei 2 by Suzanne Forbes August 24 2020Luckily, the time difference meant I could almost be in two places at once.

I “went” to the Berlin Strippers’ Collective/Sketcherei session first, arriving virtually via Zoom to see artists gathering in the really cool new venue. Even virtually, it was wonderful to see Alexandra and Chiqui!

Akynos for Berlin Strippers Collective x Sketcherei 1 by Suzanne Forbes August 24 2020Akynos danced in a halterneck jumpsuit and I made a series of loose sketches.

It was wonderful to be able to draw dancing in an actual club again!

Akynos for Berlin Strippers Collective x Sketcherei 3 by Suzanne Forbes August 24 2020The music was excellent too.

Thanks so much to Akynos, The Berlin Strippers Collective, Sasha Diamond Pole (she has a website coming soon here) and the East London Strippers Collective!

Here is how you can follow and support Akynos: her Instagram, performer website, Patreon, Youtube and SW mutual aid organization.

And as always,

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting international performers while I work safely at home.